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    • Analysing diet of small herbivores : the efficiency of DNA barcoding coupled with high-throughput pyrosequencing for deciphering the composition of complex plant mixtures 

      Valentini, Alice; Soininen, Eeva Marjatta; Coissac, Eric; Ims, Rolf Anker; Miquel, Christian; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles; Gielly, Ludovic; Brochmann, Christian; Brysting, Anne K.; Sønstebø, Jørn H.; Taberlet, Pierre (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2009-08-20)
      Background: In order to understand the role of herbivores in trophic webs, it is essential to know what they feed on. Diet analysis is, however, a challenge in many small herbivores with a secretive life style. In this ...
    • Highly overlapping winter diet in two sympatric lemming species revealed by DNA metabarcoding 

      Soininen, Eeva M; Gauthier, Gilles; Bilodeau, Frederic; Berteaux, Dominique; Gielly, Ludovic; Taberlet, Pierre; Gussarova, Galina; Bellemain, Eva; Hassel, Kristian; Stenøien, Hans K.; Epp, Laura; Schrøder-Nielsen, Audun; Brochmann, Christian; Yoccoz, Nigel Gilles (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2015-01-30)
      Sympatric species are expected to minimize competition by partitioning resources, especially when these are limited. Herbivores inhabiting the High Arctic in winter are a prime example of a situation where food availability ...