Coordinating resources in hospital : complex workflow


Coordinating resources in hospital : complex workflow


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Tittel: Coordinating resources in hospital : complex workflow
Forfatter: Enerlan-Aas, Gloria
Dato: 15-mai-2008
Type: Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave
Sammendrag: This paper attempts to provide an understanding of the intricacies in surgical operation planning and coordination; it followed the pre and post-implementation of DIPS ASA ─ an electronic surgical module introduced at UNN, Tromsø. Organizations are opting to grasp the promised benefits of IT. However, studies in past have showed that introduction of IT in large organisations are seemingly deemed to fail if integration of socio-technical aspects are not highly considered. Moreover, it is but natural, that changes in work practices are likely to follow. As such, the theoretical undertaking of the heterogeneous work practices of the different groups, i. e. surgeons, anaesthesiologist, nurses and other collaborating personnel were inspired by CSCW and ANT perspectives. The intricate micro-elements in work practices were examined thru the lenses of CSCW; likewise perspectives in ANT guided the wider arena in the interplay of the socio- technical aspects. Drawing on the participant observations, open-ended interviews, and literature reviews as source of research materials, the author will show how work boundaries justified and manifested by (physicians and nurses) at both micro and macro level affecting their daily work practices as they utilize DIPS ASA surgical planning module. Key word: CSCW, ANT, IT, DIPS, Surgical planning, Coordination, Coordination
Forlag: Universitetet i Tromsø; University of Tromsø

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