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    • Wind speed and direction predictions by WRF and WindSim coupling over Nygårdsfjell 

      Bilal, Muhammad; Birkelund, Yngve; Solbakken, Kine (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      In this study, the performance of the mesoscale meteorological Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model coupled with the microscale computational fluid dynamics based model WindSim is investigated and compared to the ...
    • Winter warmings, tides and planetary waves. Comparisions between CMAM (with interactive chemistry) and MFR-MetO observations and data. 

      Hall, Chris; Manson, A.H.; Meek, C.; Chshyolkova, T.; McLandress, C.; Avery, S.K.; Fritts, D.C.; Hocking, W.K.; Igarashi, K.; MacDougall, J.W.; Murayama, Y.; Riggin, D.C.; Thorsen, D.; Vincent, R.A. (Journal article; Peer reviewed; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2006-10-20)
      Following earlier comparisons using the Canadian Middle Atmosphere Model (CMAM, without interactive chemistry), the dynamical characteristics of the model are assessed with interactive chemistry activated. Time-sequences ...
    • The WSO, a world-class observatory for the ultraviolet 

      Solheim, Jan Erik; Barstow, M.A.; Binette, L.; Brosch, N.; Cheng, F-Z.; Dennefeld, M.; Gomez de Castro, A.I.; Haubold, H.; van der Hucht, K.A.; Kappelmann, N.; Martinez, P.; Ribak, E.N.; Moisheev, A.; Pagano, I.; Sahade, J.; Wamsteker, W.; Werner, K.; Becker-Ross, H.; Florek, S.; Shustov, B. (Conference object; Konferansebidrag, 2002-09-17)
      The World Space Observatory is an unconventional space project proceeding via distributed studies. The present design, verified for feasibilty, consists of a 1.7-meter telescope operating at the second Largangian point of ...
    • WSO/UV: World Space Observatory/Ultraviolet 

      Solheim, Jan Erik; Hernanza, M.; González-Riestra, R.; Wamsteker, W.; Shustov, B.; Barstow, M.; Brosch, N.; Fu-Zhen, C.; Dennefeld, M.; Dopita, M.; Gómez de Castro, A.I.; Kappelmannc, N.l.; Pagano, I.; Sahade, J.; Haubold, H.; Solheim, J.-E.; Martínezc, P. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2002-11-05)
      We summarize the capabilities of the World Space Observatory (UV) Project (WSO/UV). An example of the importance of this project (with a planned launch date of 2007/8) for the study of Novae is given.