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    • Monthly mean climatology of the prevailing winds and tides in the Arctic mesosphere/lower thermosphere. 

      Hall, Chris; Portnyagin, Y.I.; Solovjova, T.V.; Makarov, N.A.; Merzlyakov, E.G.; Manson, A.H.; Meek, C.E.; Hocking, W.; Pancheva, D.; Hoffmann, P.; Singer, W.; Murayama, Y.; Igarashi, K.; Forbes, J.M.; Palo, S.; Nozawa, S.; Mitchell, N. (Journal article; Peer reviewed; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2004-11-03)
      The Arctic MLT wind regime parameters measured at the ground-based network of MF and meteor radar stations (Andenes 69° N, Tromsø 70° N, Esrange 68° N, Dixon 73.5° N, Poker Flat 65° N and Resolute Bay 75° N) are discussed ...