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    • Effect of a Fracture Liaison Service on the Rate of Subsequent Fracture Among Patients With a Fragility Fracture in the Norwegian Capture the Fracture Initiative (NoFRACT) 

      Andreasen, Camilla; Solberg, Lene Bergendal; Basso, Trude; Borgen, Tove Tveitan; Dahl, Cecilie; Wisløff, Torbjørn; Hagen, Gunhild; Apalset, Ellen M; Gjertsen, Jan-Erik; Figved, Wender; Hübschle, Lars Michael; Stutzer, Jens-Meinhard; Elvenes, Jan; Joakimsen, Ragnar Martin; Syversen, Unni; Eriksen, Erik Fink; Nordsletten, Lars; Frihagen, Frede Jon; Omsland, Tone Kristin; Bjørnerem, Åshild (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-12-07)
      <p><i>Importance</i>: Fragility fracture is a major health issue because of the accompanying morbidity, mortality, and financial cost. Despite the high cost to society and personal cost to affected individuals, secondary fracture prevention is suboptimal in Norway, mainly because most patients with osteoporotic fractures do not receive treatment with antiosteoporotic drugs after fracture ...