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    • Unraveling the Microscopic Origin of Triplet Lasing from Organic Solids 

      Paul, Lopa; Banerjee, Ambar; Paul, Ankan; Ruud, Kenneth; Chakrabarti, Swapan (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-07-16)
      We present a heuristic mechanism for the origin of the unusual triplet lasing from (E)-3-(((4-nitrophenyl)imino)methyl)-2H-thiochroman-4-olate·BF<sub>2</sub>. We demonstrate that whereas the moderate lifetime (1.03 μs) of the first triplet state (T<sub>1</sub>) prohibits triplet–triplet annihilation, the relatively faster S<sub>1</sub> → T<sub>1</sub> intersystem crossing and the 10<sup>4</sup> times ...