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    • Oxidative stress in two tropical species after exposure to diesel oil 

      Sardi Sulvarán, Adriana Eva; Sandrini-Neto, Leonardo; da S. Pereira, Leticia; Silva de Assis, Helena; Martins, Cesar C.; Lana, Paulo Da Cunha; Camus, Lionel (Peer reviewed, 2016-08-03)
      Recent offshore petroleum exploration has increased the risks of oil spills worldwide. We investigated biomarker responses to diesel oil exposure in two tropical and subtropical species, the clam Anomalocardia flexuosa and the polychaete Laeonereis culveri. Animals were exposed to oil-spiked sediment at two different concentrations (0.5 L and 1.0 L m−2). Activities of antioxidant enzymes catalase ...