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    • Gender equality for a thriving, sustainable arctic 

      Oddsdóttir, Embla Eir; Ágústsson, Hjalti Ómar; Svensson, Eva-Maria; Hoogensen Gjørv, Gunhild; Kendall, Sarah Seabrook; Smieszek, Malgorzata; Prior, Tahnee; Hayfield, Erika; Williamson, Karla Jessen; Rozanova-Smith, Marya; Petrov, Andrey; Williams, Varvara Korkina (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-09-29)
      On 21 May 2021, a milestone Pan-Arctic Report: Gender Equality in the Arctic was published in tandem with the Arctic Council’s Ministerial Meeting held in Reykjavík, 19–20 May 2021. This article provides a brief review of the report and its major findings across six chapters that address key themes concerning gender equality in the Arctic: Law and Governance, Security, Gender and Environment, Migration ...
    • Implementering av DORA-prinsippene ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet 

      Østhus, Randi (Conference object; Konferansebidrag, 2019-10-16)
    • Ledelse av studieprogrammer - Analyser og tiltak. Rapport fra dialogkonferanse om "Ledelse av studieprogrammer" 2019 

      Tobiassen, Ann Karin; Danielsen, Ådne (Research report; Forskningsrapport; Preprint; Manuskript, 2019)
      I denne rapporten oppsummerer vi hovedlinjene fra «Dialogkonferanse om ledelse av studieprogram ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet». Rapporten skisserer konturene av et mulig konsept for å styrke kunnskap om utøvelse av studieprogramledelse. Vi har et særlig blikk på hvilke rammevilkår og virkemidler som bør omkranse ledelse på et studieprogramnivå og til innholdet i-, og formen på et ...
    • Line managers and employees use of lean task boards in Norwegian municipal healthcare sector: A tool for action learning? 

      Bye, Geir (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-10-15)
      This study have analysed the line managers and employees’ use of lean task boards over time in Norwegian municipalities using action learning theory. The research question was the following: What kind of action learning processes do the line managers and employees’ use of the lean task board promote in municipalities’ healthcare units? This qualitative case study data from a Norwegian municipality ...
    • Med OECD til Nord-Norge 

      Eikeland, Sveinung (Chronicle; Kronikk, 2015-10-15)
      Organisasjon for økonomisk samarbeid og utvikling (OECD) var nyleg ei veke i Nord-Noreg som ein del av ei vurdering det gjer av muligheter for utvikling i tynt busette område i nord. Vurderinga inkluderer 14 regionar, der Nordland, Troms og Finnmark inngår. OECD skal gje råd om korleis regionane i nord i Europa kan komma godt ut i den globale økonomiske konkurransen sjølv om dei er ...
    • Molecular modelling, synthesis, and biological evaluations of a 3,5-disubstituted isoxazole fatty acid analogue as a PPARα-selective agonist 

      Arnesen, Henriette; Haj-Yasein, Nadia N.; Tungen, Jørn E.; Soedling, Helen; Matthews, Jason; Paulsen, Steinar M.; Nebb, Hilde I.; Sylte, Ingebrigt; Hansen, Trond Vidar; Sæther, Thomas (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-07-19)
      The peroxisome proliferator activated receptors (PPARs) are important drug targets in treatment of metabolic and inflammatory disorders. Fibrates, acting as PPARα agonists, have been widely used lipid-lowering agents for decades. However, the currently available PPARα targeting agents show low subtype-specificity and consequently a search for more potent agonists have emerged. In this study, previously ...
    • Not a Jewish question? The Holocaust in Hungary in the Kádár regime’s propaganda during Adolf Eichmann’s trial 

      Bohus, Kata (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      In this paper, I examine the trial of Adolf Eichmann, portrayals of the trial in the contemporaneous Hungarian press, and the effects of the trial and the coverage on the formation of Holocaust memory in communist Hungary. The trial presented a problem for communist propaganda because it highlighted the destruction of Jews as the worst crime of the Nazi regime. While communist ideology’s ...
    • Opening 

      Aarbakke, Jarle (Conference object; Konferansebidrag, 2010-10)
    • Opening session 

      Bjørhovde, Gerd (Conference object; Konferansebidrag, 2006-10)
    • Resource rent in aquaculture 

      Flaaten, Ola; Pham, Thi Thanh Thuy (Chapter; Bokkapittel, 2019)
      Resource rent in aquaculture (RRA) is any payment to a farm and site owner, on land or sea, in excess of the costs needed to bring that farm into production. For analytic and policy purposes it may be useful to distinguish among different types of RRA. Three types will be discussed: rent associated with the classical economists Ricardo (1821) and Faustmann (1849), as well as oligopoly rent from ...
    • Sámi reindeer governance in Norway as competing knowledge systems: a participatory study 

      Johnsen, Kathrine Ivsett; Mathiesen, Svein Disch; Eira, Inger Marie Gaup (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Using a participatory research approach, we assess the knowledge systems and political ontology of reindeer husbandry. The study was conducted by a mixed team of scientists and Sámi reindeer herders who practiced reindeer husbandry in West Finnmark, northern Norway, both prior to and during the state-led “rationalization” of Sámi reindeer husbandry since the late 1970s. The analysis is based on the ...
    • Sámi reindeer governance in Norway as competing knowledge-systems: A participatory study 

      Ivsett Johnsen, Kathrine; Mathiesen, Svein Disch; Eira, Inger Marie Gaup (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Using a participatory research approach, we assess the knowledge systems and political ontology of reindeer husbandry. The study was conducted by a mixed team of scientists and Sámi reindeer herders who practiced reindeer husbandry in West Finnmark, northern Norway, both prior to and during the state-led “rationalization” of Sámi reindeer husbandry since the late 1970s. The analysis is based on the ...
    • Scientific (E)quality 

      Rice, Curt (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2011)
      The increased presence of women at all levels of higher education, from undergraduate student to full professor, has given increased currency to an argument that gender balance at the highest levels of academia will inevita- bly be achieved, merely through the passage of time. In this essay, that argument is challenged, both on the basis of its logic and on the basis of empirical studies on the rate ...
    • Simple Minimalistic Offline Plotting of CADI Data Files 

      Emanuelsen, Per Ivar; Hall, Chris; Johnsen, Magnar Gullikstad (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2020)
      A critical element in any observational program is to remotely monitor instrument health and performance. Simple real-time plots provide this type of information and in addition they contain valuable space weather information for nowcasting and acquisition of situational awareness. Several software packages exist for plotting and scaling (analysis) of ionospheric soundings [1,2] using the Canadian ...
    • Simulating crude oil exposure, uptake and effects in North Atlantic Calanus finmarchicus populations 

      Broch, Ole Jacob; Nepstad, Raymond; Ellingsen, Ingrid H.; Bast, Radovan; Skeie, Morten; Carroll, JoLynn (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-10-08)
      A simulation model framework (SYMBIOSES) that includes a 3-dimensional ocean physics and biology model and a model for transport and fate of oil was used to investigate the potential for bioaccumulation and lethal/sublethal effects of oil components in the copepod <i>Calanus finmarchicus</i> in the Lofoten-Vesterålen archipelago of Norway. The oil model is coupled with the biology model by way of a ...
    • Spatial Contributions to Nuclear Magnetic Shieldings 

      Jinger, Rahul Kumar; Fliegl, Heike; Bast, Radovan; Dimitrova, Maria; Lehtola, Susi; Sundholm, Dage (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-02-19)
      We develop a methodology for calculating, analyzing, and visualizing nuclear magnetic shielding densities which are calculated from the current density via the Biot–Savart relation. Atomic contributions to nuclear magnetic shielding constants can be estimated within our framework with a Becke partitioning scheme. The new features have been implemented in the GIMIC program and are applied in this ...
    • Synthesis and biological evaluations of marine oxohexadecenoic acids: PPARα/γ dual agonism and anti-diabetic target gene effects 

      Sæther, Thomas; Paulsen, Steinar M; Tungen, Jørn Eivind; Vik, Anders; Aursnes, Marius; Holen, Torgeir; Hansen, Trond Vidar; Nebb, Hilde Irene (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-06-18)
      Obesity and associated disorders such as metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes (T2D) have reached epidemic proportions. Several natural products have been reported as Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) agonists, functioning as lead compounds towards developing new anti-diabetic drugs due to adverse side effects of existing PPAR drugs. We recently isolated and identified (7E)-9-oxoh ...
    • Tromsø : en polar kompetanseklynge 

      Morskogen, Tor Arne; Gotaas, Geir; Hoel, Alf Håkon (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2008-01)
      I et globalt perspektiv ligger noen av de største utfordringene og mulighetene vi står overfor i dag i polarområdene. Virkningene av klimaendringene vil slå sterkt ut i polarområdene, med mindre sjøis, havnivåstigning og endringer i dyre- og planteliv som viktige konsekvenser. Noen av de rikeste og minst utnyttede marine naturressursene ligger i Arktis og Antarktis. Norge er det eneste land i ...
    • Veien til Norges arktiske universitet 

      Aarbakke, Jarle (Book; Bok, 2013)
      Dette skriftet –Veien til Norges arktiske universitet – er fortellingen om fusjonen på Tromsøya mellom Universitetet i Tromsø og Høgskolen i Tromsø, og fusjonen mellom Høgskolen i Finnmark og Universitetet i Tromsø. Kongen i statsråd vedtok 15.2.2013 at det fra 1.8.2013 er en fusjonert institusjon med navnet Universitetet i Tromsø – Norges arktiske universitet. Det er tre hovedforutsetninger som ...