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    • Age and Sex-Associated Changes of Complement Activity and Complement Levels in a Healthy Caucasian Population 

      Gaya de Costa, Mariana; Poppelaars, Felix; van Kooten, Cees; Mollnes, Tom Eirik; Tedesco, Francesco; Würzner, Reinhard; Trouw, Leendert A.; Truedsson, Lennart; Daha, Mohamed R.; Roos, Anja; Seelen, Marc A. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-11-20)
      <p><i>Introduction</i>: The complement system is essential for an adequate immune response. Much attention has been given to the role of complement in disease. However, to better understand complement in pathology, it is crucial to first analyze this system under different physiological conditions. The aim of the present study was therefore to investigate the inter-individual variation in complement ...