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    • Inflammation of mammary adipose tissue occurs in overweight and obese patients exhibiting early-stage breast cancer 

      Vaysse, Charlotte; Lømo, Jon; Garred, Øystein; Fjeldheim, Frøydis Nyborg; Lofterød, Trygve; Schlichting, Ellen; McTiernan, Anne; Frydenberg, Hanne; Husøy, Anders; Lundgren, Steinar; Fagerland, Morten W; Richardsen, Elin; Wist, Erik; Muller, Catherine; Thune, Inger (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017-05-03)
      Growing evidence indicates that adiposity is associated with breast cancer risk and negatively affects breast cancer recurrence and survival, a paracrine role of mammary adipose tissue being very likely in this process. In contrast to other adipose depots, occurrence of a sub-inflammatory state of mammary adipose tissue defined by dying adipocytes surrounded by macrophages forming crown-like structures ...