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    • An investigation of multidisciplinary complex health care interventions - steps towards an integrative treatment model in the rehabilitation of People with Multiple Sclerosis 

      Skovgaard, Lasse; Bjerre, Liv; Haahr, Niels; Paterson, Charlotte; Launsø, Laila; Boesen, Finn; Nissen, Michael; Ottesen, May-Britt; Mortensen, Christina; Olsen, Anette; Borch, Søren; Mortensen, Birte K.; Rasmussen, Gudrun A.; Sietam, Kirsten; Staalkjær, Frank; Pedersen, Karin; Søndermark, Kirsten (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society initiated a large-scale bridge building and integrative treatment project to take place from 2004–2010 at a specialized Multiple Sclerosis (MS) hospital. In this project, a team of five conventional health care practitioners and five alternative practitioners was set up to work together in developing and offering individualized treatments to 200 people with MS. ...