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    • Myocardial NADPH oxidase-4 regulates the physiological response to acute exercise 

      Hancock, Matthew; Hafstad, Anne Dragøy; Nabeebaccus, Adam A.; Catibog, Norman; Logan, Angela; Smyrnias, Ioannis; Hansen, Synne Simonsen; Lanner, Johanna; Schröder, Katrin; Murphy, Michael P.; Shah, Ajay M.; Zhang, Min (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-12-27)
      Regular exercise has widespread health benefits. Fundamental to these beneficial effects is the ability of the heart to intermittently and substantially increase its performance without incurring damage, but the underlying homeostatic mechanisms are unclear. We identify the ROSgenerating NADPH oxidase-4 (Nox4) as an essential regulator of exercise performance in mice. Myocardial Nox4 levels ...