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    • Achieving Thoracic Oncology data collection in Europe: a precursor study in 35 Countries 

      Rich, Anna; Baldwin, David; Alfageme, Inmaculada; Beckett, Paul; Berghmans, Thierry; Brincat, Stephen; Burghuber, Otto C.; Corlateanu, Alexandru; Cufer, Tanja; Damhuis, Ronald; Edvardas, Danila; Domagala-Kulawik, Joanna; Stefano, Elia; Mina, Gaga; Tuncay, Goksel; Bogdan, Grigoriu; Hillerdal, Gunnar; Huber, Rudolf Maria; Jakobsen, Erik; Jonsson, Steinn; Jovanovic, Dragana; Kavcova, Elena; Konsoulova, Assia; Laisaar, Tanel; Makitaro, Riitta; Mehic, Bakir; Milroy, Robert; Moldva, Judit; Morgan, Ross; Nanushi, Milda; Paesmans, Marianne; Putora, Paul Martin; Samarzija, Miroslav; Scherpereel, Arnaud; Schlesser, Marc; Sculier, Jean-Paul; Skrickova, Jana; Sotto-Mayor, Renato; Strand, Trond-Eirik; van Schil, Paul E.; Blum, Torsten-Gerriet (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-11-20)
      <i>Background</i>: A minority of European countries have participated in international comparisons with high level data on lung cancer. However, the nature and extent of data collection across the continent is simply unknown, and without accurate data collection it is not possible to compare practice and set benchmarks to which lung cancer services can aspire.<p> <p><i>Methods</i>: Using an ...