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    • A prospective evaluation of plasma phospholipid fatty acids and breast cancer risk in the EPIC study 

      Chajès, Véronique; Assi, Nada; Biessy, Carine; Ferrari, P.; Rinaldi, Sabina; Slimani, Nadia; Lenoir, GM; Baglietto, L; His, Mathilde; Boutron-Ruault, M.C.; Trichopoulou, A; Lagiou, P.; Katsoulis, M; Kaaks, R.; Kuhn, T.; Panico, S.; Pala, V; Masala, G; Bueno-De-Mesquita, Hendrik Bastiaan; Peeters, P.H.; van Gils, Carla; Hjartåker, Anette; Olsen, Karina Standahl; Borgund Barnung, Runa; Barricarte, A; Redondo-Sánchez, Daniel; Menéndez, V; Amiano, P.; Wennberg, Maria; Key, T.; Khaw, K.T.; Merritt, M.A.; Riboli, E.; Gunter, M.J.; Romieu, I. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017-09-18)
      <p><i>Background</i>: Intakes of specific fatty acids have been postulated to impact breast cancer risk but epidemiological data based on dietary questionnaires remain conflicting.</p> <p><i>Materials and methods</i>: We assessed the association between plasma phospholipid fatty acids and breast cancer risk in a case–control study nested within the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer ...