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    • The association between adult attained height and sitting height with mortality in the European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition (EPIC) 

      Sawada, Norie; Wark, Petra A.; Merritt, Melissa A.; Tsugane, Shoichiro; Ward, Heather A.; Rinaldi, Sabina; Weiderpass, Elisabete; Dartois, Laureen; His, Mathilde; Boutron-Ruault, Marie-Christine; Turzanski-Fortner, Renée; Kaaks, Rudolf; Overvad, Kim; Redondo, María-Luisa; Travier, Noemie; Molina-Portillo, Elena; Dorronsoro, Miren; Cirera, Lluis; Ardanaz, Eva; Perez-Cornago, Aurora; Trichopoulou, Antonia; Lagiou, Pagona; Valanou, Elissavet; Masala, Giovanna; Pala, Valeria; Peeters, Petra H.M.; van der Schouw, Yvonne T.; Melander, Olle; Manjer, Jonas; da Silva, Marisa Eleonor; Skeie, Guri; Tjønneland, Anne; Olsen, Anja; Gunter, Mark J.; Riboli, Elio; Cross, Amanda J. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017-03-03)
      Adult height and sitting height may reflect genetic and environmental factors, including early life nutrition, physical and social environments. Previous studies have reported divergent associations for height and chronic disease mortality, with positive associations observed for cancer mortality but inverse associations for circulatory disease mortality. Sitting height might be more strongly ...
    • Prediagnostic calcium intake and lung cancer survival: A pooled analysis of 12 cohort studies 

      Yu, Danxia; Takata, Yumie; Smith-Warner, Stephanie A.; Blot, William; Sawada, Norie; White, Emily; Freedman, Neal; Robien, Kim; Giovannucci, Edward; Zhang, Xuehong; Park, Yikyung; Gao, Yu-Tang; Chlebowski, Rowan T.; Langhammer, Arnulf; Yang, Gong; Severi, Gianluca; Manjer, Jonas; Khaw, Kay-Tee; Weiderpass, Elisabete; Liao, Linda M.; Caporaso, Neil; Krokstad, Steinar; Hveem, Kristian; Sinha, Rashmi; Ziegler, Regina; Tsugane, Shoichiro; Xiang, Yong-Bing; Johansson, Mattias; Zheng, Wei; Shu, Xiao-Ou (Journal article; Manuskript; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed; Preprint, 2017-03-06)
      <p><i>Background</i>: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death. Little is known about whether prediagnostic nutritional factors may affect survival. We examined the associations of prediagnostic calcium intake from foods and/or supplements with lung cancer survival.</p> <p><i>Methods</i>: The present analysis included 23,882 incident, primary lung cancer patients from 12 prospective cohort ...