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    • Flagella-mediated secretion of a novel Vibrio cholerae cytotoxin affecting both vertebrate and invertebrate hosts 

      Dongre, Mitesh; Singh, Bhupender; Aung, Kyaw Min; Larsson, Per; Miftakhova, Regina; Persson, Karina; Askarian, Fatemeh; Johannessen, Mona; Hofsten, Jonas von; Persson, Jenny L.; Erhardt, Marc; Tuck, Simon; Uhlin, Bernt Eric; Wai, Sun Nyunt (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-06-07)
      Using <i>Caenorhabditis elegans</i> as an infection host model for <i>Vibrio cholerae</i> predator interactions, we discovered a bacterial cytotoxin, MakA, whose function as a virulence factor relies on secretion via the flagellum channel in a proton motive force-dependent manner. The MakA protein is expressed from the polycistronic <i>makDCBA</i> (<i>m</i>otility-<i>a</i>ssociated <i>k</i>illing ...