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    • Quiescence and gamma H2AX in neuroblastoma are regulated by ouabain/Na,K-ATPase 

      Hiyoshi, H; Abdelhady, S; Segerström, L; Sveinbjørnsson, Baldur; Nuriya, M; Lundgren, T; Desfrere, L; Miyakawa, A; Yasui, M.; Kogner, P; Johnsen, JI; Andang, M; Uhlén, P (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      Cellular quiescence is a state of reversible proliferation arrest that is induced by anti-mitogenic signals. The endogenous cardiac glycoside ouabain is a specific ligand of the ubiquitous sodium pump, Na,K-ATPase, also known to regulate cell growth through unknown signalling pathways. To investigate the role of ouabain/Na,K-ATPase in uncontrolled neuroblastoma growth we used xenografts, flow ...