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    • Some observations on borrowings in the Russian dialect on the Kola Peninsula 

      Pineda, David (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2004)
      The present article gives an overview of the borrowed vocabulary of the Russian dialect of the Kola peninsula, which mostly comes from Finno-Ugric languages. Some remarks are made as to the phonetical and morphological adaptations to Russian, the etymology and the distribution of the loanwords over the different semantic fields. Not surprisingly, the terminology on reindeer husbandry is dominated ...
    • Some observations on the Plural Instrumental in the dialect of the village of Varzuga 

      Pineda, David (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2002)
      This paper attempts to give an overview of the different case endings found in the Instrumental Plural in the Northern Russian dialect of Varzuga on the Kola Peninsula, and looks at the situation in the neigh­bouring Russian dialects of Carelia and the Archangel district. Along with the Literary Russian ending [m'i], Varzuga uses the endings [my] (in nouns) and [ma] (in nouns, adjectives and pronouns). ...