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    • Differences in use without deficiencies in competence: passives in the Turkish and German of Turkish heritage speakers in Germany. 

      Bayram, Fatih; Rothman, Jason; Iverson, Michael; Miller, David; Puig Mayenco, Eloi; Kupisch, Tanja; Westergaard, Marit (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Determining how and why adult outcomes of heritage speaker (HS) bilingualism differ from monolinguals is difficult because it requires the reconstruction of developmental paths from end-state data. In an effort to address this issue, we examine HSs of Turkish in Germany at an early age of development (10-15 years old, n=22), as well as age-matched monolingual controls in Turkey (n=20) and Germany ...
    • Language Dominance Affects Bilingual Performance and Processing Outcomes in Adulthood 

      Puig Mayenco, Eloi; Cunnings, Ian; Bayram, Fatih; Miller, David; Tubau, Susagna; Rothman, Jason (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-07-26)
      This study examines the role of language dominance (LD) on linguistic competence outcomes in two types of early bilinguals: (i) child L2 learners of Catalan (L1 Spanish-L2 Catalan and, (ii) child Spanish L2 learners (L1 Catalan-L2 Spanish). Most child L2 studies typically focus on the development of the languages during childhood and either focus on L1 development or L2 development. Typically, these ...