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    • The 16-day planetary waves: multi-MF radar observations from the arctic to equator and comparisons with the HRDI measurements and the GSWM modelling results 

      Hall, Chris; Luo, Y.; Manson, A.H.; Meek, C.E.; Meyer, C.K.; Burrage, M.D.; Fritts, D.C.; Hocking, W.K.; MacDougall, J.; Riggin, D.M.; Vincent, R.A. (Journal article; Peer reviewed; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2002)
      The mesospheric and lower thermospheric (MLT) winds (60–100 km) obtained by multiple MF radars, located from the arctic to equator at Tromsø (70° N, 19° E), Saskatoon (52° N, 107° W), London (43° N, 81° W), Hawaii (21° N, 157° W) and Christmas Island (2° N, 157° W), respectively, are used to study the planetary-scale 16-day waves. Based on the simultaneous observations (1993/1994), the variabilities ...
    • A 160,000-year-old history of tectonically controlled methane seepage in the Arctic 

      Himmler, Tobias; Sahy, Diana; Martma, Tõnu; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Plaza-Faverola, Andreia; Bünz, Stefan; Condon, Daniel J.; Knies, Jochen; Lepland, Aivo (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-08-07)
      The geological factors controlling gas release from Arctic deep-water gas reservoirs through seabed methane seeps are poorly constrained. This is partly due to limited data on the precise chronology of past methane emission episodes. Here, we use uranium-thorium dating of seep carbonates sampled from the seabed and from cores drilled at the Vestnesa Ridge, off West Svalbard (79°N, ~1200 m water ...
    • 1H, 13C, 15N resonance assignment of the apo form of the small, chitin-active lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase JdLPMO10A from Jonesia denitrificans 

      Christensen, Idd Andrea; Eijsink, Vincent; Aachmann, Finn Lillelund; Courtade, Gaston (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-11-19)
      The lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase <i>Jd</i>LPMO10A is the N-terminal domain of the multimodular protein Jd1381. The isolated <i>Jd</i>LPMO10A domain is one of the smallest chitin-active lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases known to date with a size of only 15.5 kDa. <i>Jd</i>LPMO10A is a copper-dependent oxidative enzyme that depolymerizes chitin by hydroxylating the C1 carbon in the glycosidic ...
    • 2-Chloro-2-phenylethylammonium chloride 

      Lejon, Tore Sigvard; Ingebrigtsen, Truls Erik; Hansen, Lars Kr (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2006)
    • 20 years of research on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak 

      Greenwald, Martin; Bader, A; Baek, S; Bakhtiari, M; Barnard, H; Beck, W; Bergerson, W; Bespamyatnov, I; Bonoli, P; Brower, D; Brunner, D; Burke, W; Candy, J; Churchill, M; Cziegler, I; Diallo, A; Dominguez, A; Duval, B; Edlund, E; Ennever, P; Ernst, D; Faust, I; Fiore, C; Fredian, T; Garcia, Odd Erik; Gao, C; Goetz, J; Golfinopoulos, T; Granetz, R; Grulke, O; Hartwig, Z; Horne, S; Howard, N; Hubbard, A; Hughes, J; Hutchinson, I; Irby, J; Izzo, V; Kessel, C; Labombard, B; Lau, C; Li, C; Lin, Y; Lipschultz, B; Loarte, A; Marmar, E; Mazurenko, A; McCracken, G; McDermott, R; Meneghini, O; Mikkelsen, D; Mossessian, D; Mumgaard, R; Myra, J; Nelson-Melby, E; Ochoukov, R; Olynyk, G; Parker, R; Pitcher, S; Podpaly, Y; Porkolab, M; Reinke, M; Rice, J; Rowan, W; Schmidt, A; Scott, S; Shiraiwa, S; Sierchio, J; Smick, N; Snipes, JA; Snyder, P; Sorbom, B; Stillerman, J; Sung, C; Takase, Y; Tang, V; Terry, J; Terry, D; Theiler, C; Tronchin-James, A; Tsujii, N; Vieira, R; Walk, J; Wallace, G; White, A; Whyte, D; Wilson, J; Wolfe, S; Wright, G; Wright, J; Wukitch, S; Zweben, S (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2014)
    • 2018 Beam-park observations of space debris with the EISCAT radars 

      Vierinen, Juha; Kastinen, D; Markkanen, Jussi; Grydeland, Tom; Kero, Johan; Horstmann, A.; Hesselbach, S.; Kebschull, C.; Røynestad, Elisabeth; Krag, Holger (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2019)
      Monitoring the evolution of the space debris environment requires regular radar observations of the space debris population. This study presents the results from 24 hours of beam-park observations of space objects conducted simultaneously with the EISCAT Svalbard and Tromsø radars on and between January 4th and 5th, 2018. The measurements are processed with a new matched filter bank analysis program, ...
    • 2d gauge theories and generalized geometry 

      Salnikov, Vladimir; Strobl, Thomas; Kotov, Oleksii (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2014)
    • 3,4-Dihydroquinoxalin-2-ones: recent advances in synthesis and bioactivities 

      Kristoffersen, Tone; Hansen, Jørn H. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017-04-26)
      A summary of recent synthesis approaches to 3,4-dihydroquinoxaline-2-ones is discussed herein along with highlights of biological activity. The synthetic approaches include access to enantiopure heterocycles from chiral pool amino acids via coupling/cyclization, Michael addition/cyclization cascades, 3,3-disubstituted systems from multicomponent couplings, Bargellini reaction or photochemical ...
    • 3-(Acetylamino)benzoic acid 

      Hansen, Lars Kr; Perlovich, German; Bauer-Brandl, Annette (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2007)
    • 3-D seismic interpretation of the Samson Dome in the framework of the tectonostratigraphic and fluid migration development of the Western Barents Sea 

      Martiuk, Daria (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2017-06-21)
      Three-dimensional (3-D) seismic interpretations of data from the Samson Dome show direct connection between the local geological evolution of the area and the regional tectonic and stratigraphic development of the western Barents Sea. Rifting events, halokinetic movements, uplift and glacial processes influenced the area of the Samson Dome. The Samson Dome structure, located in the south-western ...
    • (3aS,4S,6S,7aR)-hexahydro-3a,5,5-trimethyl-2-phenyl-4,6-methano-1,3,2-benzodioxaborole 

      Lejon, Tore; Gozhina, Olga Vladimirovna; Khrustalev, Victor N. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      The molecule of the title compound, C16H21BO2, comprises a chiral fused tricyclic system containing five-membered (1,3,2-dioxaborolane), six-membered (cyclohexane) and four-membered (cyclobutane) rings. The 1,3,2-dioxaborolane ring is almost planar (r.m.s. deviation = 0.035 Å), and the syn H and Me substituents at this ring are in an eclipsed conformation. The cyclohexane and cyclobutane rings adopt ...
    • 3D and 4D seismic investigations of fluid flow and gas hydrate systems 

      Waage, Malin (Doctoral thesis; Doktorgradsavhandling, 2019-02-18)
      Using the state-of-the-art high resolution P-Cable 3D seismic system, in this thesis we (1) study the shallow strata (<1km below seabed) and describe the geological controls and driving mechanisms for fluid leakage at two sites in the northern Barents Sea, and (2) introduce a new time-lapse seismic method for high-frequency (~30-350 Hz) P-Cable seismic data. The study areas are interesting as ...
    • 3D seismic data indicate potential glide planes for submarine sliding : the mid-Norwegian margin Nyegga area. 

      Eilertsen, Håkon Andre (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2010-05-15)
      The Nyegga study area of the thesis is located at the north-eastern escarpment of the Holocene giant Storegga Slide. It lies on the southern part of the Vøring plateau on the mid-Norwegian continental margin at approximately 700-1000m water depth. The area has been known to be prone for submarine sliding and is therefore an excellent location for studying morphological features to infer slide ...
    • 3D Seismic Investigation of a Gas Hydrate and Fluid Flow System on an Active Mid‐Ocean Ridge; Svyatogor Ridge, Fram Strait 

      Waghorn, Kate Alyse; Bünz, Stefan; Plaza-Faverola, Andreia; Johnson, Joel E. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-05-12)
      Tectonic settings play a large role in the development of fluid flow pathways for gas migrating through sedimentary strata. Many gas hydrate systems worldwide are located on either passive continental margins, in large contourite deposits on the slopes of passive continental margins or on subduction margins. The Svyatogor Ridge, however, located at the northwestern flank of the Knipovich Ridge and ...
    • 3D seismisk analyse av begravde rasavsetninger på den SV delen av Vøringmarginen 

      Johansen, Runar (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2010-05-18)
      To 3D-seismiske datasett fra den sørvestlige delen av Vøringmarginen på midtnorsk kontinentalsokkel er blitt brukt til å analysere den øvre del av Naustformasjonen (~0,5-0,2 ma). En seismisk stratigrafi med fire hovedenheter er etablert (enhet 1-4). De to eldste enhetene (enhet 1 og 2) er dominert av glasiale debrisstrømmavsetninger dannet under glasiale maksima da det Fennoskandiske isdekket nådde ...
    • 3D seismisk analyse av rasavsetninger fra Sklinnadjupraset på midtre delen av Vøringmarginen 

      Fjellaksel, Torgeir (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2012-11-15)
      I denne oppgaven har 3D seismiske data blitt benyttet for å studere den øvre del av Naustformasjonen fra den midtre delen av Vøringmarginen på den midt-norske kontinentalmarginen. Oppgavens hovedfokus har vært å beskrive og tolke paleomiljøet i perioden 0,8 Ma og frem til nåtid med hovedfokus på Sklinnadjuprasets utvikling og genesen av de ulike rasavsetningene i studieområdet. En seismisk stratigrafi ...
    • 3D seismisk analyse av storskala sandinduksjoner i Ormen Lange området i den midtnorske marginen 

      Holbæk-Hanssen, Leif Egil (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2009-05-14)
      Analyser av 3D seismiske data fra Ormen Lange området på den midtnorske marginen har resultert i oppdagelsen av amplitudeanomalier som krysser diskordant opp gjennom, de sterkt polygonalt forkastede, biogene silikasedimentene i Bryggeformasjonen av Oligocen alder. Disse amplitudeanomaliene har en slående likhet med lignende amplitudeanomalier som er tolket til å være sandintrusjoner i Nordsjøen. ...
    • 3D visualization of weather forecasts and topography 

      Skotnes, Harald; Hartvigsen, Gunnar; Johansen, Dag (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 1994-09)
      Advances in computing power and graphics have increased the use of graphics in weather forecasting. This includes 3D animation sequences and geographical information systems. The paper addresses the main problems and presents preliminary results of the visualization of atmospheric models in conjunction with the underlying topography. The goal is among others to make a sort of 3D satellite pictures ...
    • 3D-seismic interpretation of the glacial deposits in the outer Ingøydjupet area, SW Barents Sea. Ice sheet dynamics reconstructed from glacial landforms 

      Strømme, Kristine (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-05-15)
      The late Quaternary evolution of the outer Ingøydjupet area (SW Barents Sea) is studied using a merge of conventional 3D-seismic cubes and a new generation of high-resolution 3D-seismic (TopSeis). The glacigenic sequence is subdivided into five main seismic units: unit A1 (oldest) to A5. These are separated by six glacially eroded boundaries: the Upper Regional Unconformity (URU), intra-glacial ...
    • The 3‐D Distribution of Artificial Aurora Induced by HF Radio Waves in the Ionosphere 

      Kvammen, Andreas; Gustavsson, Björn Johan; Sergienko, Tima; Brändström, Urban; Rietveld, Michael T; Rexer, Theresa; Vierinen, Juha (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-03-21)
      We present 3‐D excitation rate estimates of artificial aurora in the ionospheric F layer, induced by high‐frequency radio waves from the European Incoherent Scatter heating facility. Simultaneous imaging of the artificial aurora was done with four separate Auroral Large Imaging System stations, permitting tomography‐like 3‐D auroral reconstruction of the enhanced atomic oxygen emissions at 6,300, ...