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    • Discovery and characterization of a thermostable two-domain GH6 endoglucanase from a compost metagenome 

      Jensen, Marianne Slang; Fredriksen, Lasse; Mackenzie, Alasdair; Pope, Phillip; Leiros, Ingar; Chylenski, Piotr; Williamson, Adele Kim; Christopeit, Tony; Østby, Heidi; Vaaje-Kolstad, Gustav; Eijsink, Vincent (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-05-24)
      Enzymatic depolymerization of recalcitrant polysaccharides plays a key role in accessing the renewable energy stored within lignocellulosic biomass, and natural biodiversities may be explored to discover microbial enzymes that have evolved to conquer this task in various environments. Here, a metagenome from a thermophilic microbial community was mined to yield a novel, thermostable cellulase, named ...