Doctoral presentations of current interest, where the thesis is available in Munin:

30 Aug 2019: Raja Priyanka Mary Michael Siranjeevi

Isolation and Charecterization of New secondary metabolites from the Arctic Bryozoans Securiflustra securifrons and Dendrobeania murrayana

09 Sep 2019: Liudmila Nikanorova

Religion and Indigeneity at Yhyakh

  • Evolución ambiental de los estuarios del Geoparque de la costa Vasca durante el Holoceno y el Antropoceno 

    Cearreta, A.; Irabien, M.J.; Gómez Arozamena, J.; El Bani Altuna, Naima; Goffard, A.; Fernández Martín-Consuegra, A.; Hilario, A. (Chapter; Bokkapittel, 2019-07)
    In order to reconstruct the environmental evolution of the estuaries in the Basque Coast Geopark at different temporal scales (millennial, centennial, decadal), different long and short cores and surface samples were retrieved and studied. Their multiproxy analysis (metals, foraminifera, pollen and radioisotopes) shows their temporal transformation in response to regional sea-level variations ...
  • Association of Selenoprotein and Selenium Pathway Genotypes with Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Interaction with Selenium Status 

    Fedirko, Veronika; Jenab, Mazda; Méplan, Catherine; Jones, Jeb S.; Zhu, Wanzhe; Schomburg, Lutz; Siddiq, Afshan; Hybsier, Sandra; Overvad, Kim; Tjønneland, Anne; Omichessan, Hanane; Perduca, Vittorio; Boutron-Ruault, Marie-Christine; Kühn, Tilman; Katzke, Verena; Aleksandrova, Krasimira; Trichopoulou, Antonia; Karakatsani, Anna; Kotanidou, Anastasia; Tumino, Rosario; Panico, Salvatore; Masala, Giovanna; Agnoli, Claudia; Naccarati, Alessio; Bueno-De-Mesquita, Bas; Vermeulen, Roel C.H.; Weiderpass, Elisabete; Skeie, Guri; Nøst, Therese Haugdahl; Lujan-Barroso, Leila; Quirós, Jose Ramón; Huerta, José María; Rodríguez-Barranco, Miguel; Barricarte, Aurelio; Gylling, Björn; Harlid, Sophia; Bradbury, Kathryn Erica; Wareham, Nick; Khaw, Kay-Tee; Gunter, Marc J.; Murphy, Neil; Freisling, Heinz; Tsilidis, Kostas; Aune, Dagfinn; Riboli, Elio; Hesketh, John E.; Hughes, David J. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-04-25)
    Selenoprotein genetic variations and suboptimal selenium (Se) levels may contribute to the risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) development. We examined the association between CRC risk and genotype for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in selenoprotein and Se metabolic pathway genes. <i>Illumina Goldengate</i> assays were designed and resulted in the genotyping of 1040 variants in 154 genes ...
  • Experimental grain growth of quartz aggregates under wet conditions and its application to deformation in nature 

    Fukuda, Junichi; Raimbourg, Hugues; Shimizu, Ichiko; Neufeld, Kai; Stünitz, Holger (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-05-13)
    Grain growth of quartz was investigated using two quartz samples (powder and novaculite) with water under pressure and temperature conditions of 1.0–2.5 GPa and 800–1100 ∘C. The compacted powder preserved a substantial porosity, which caused a slower grain growth than in the novaculite. We assumed a grain growth law of <i>d<sup>n</sup>−d<sup>n</sup><sub>0</sub>=k</i><sub>0</sub><i>f<sup>r</sup><su ...
  • "We can work it out!" Collaborating on Research Data Management Services at UiT The Arctic University of Norway 

    Østhus, Randi; Andreassen, Helene N. (Conference object; Konferansebidrag; Preprint; Manuskript, 2019-08)
  • Evaluation of cascaded MPC performance in voltage source converters 

    Mokrushev, Ivan (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2018-08-21)
    Model predictive control method becomes more popular in research over the last decade. Due to the growing popularity of the model predictive control concept, there are more and more questions about the effectiveness of this method in comparison with other methods. In this thesis cascaded model predictive control of grid connected voltage source converter with LCL filter has been evaluated. The ...

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