Doctoral presentations of current interest, where the thesis is available in Munin:

09 Jun 2021: Tannaz Alizadeh Ashrafi

Fisher's effort allocation behavior and decision-making process in the Norwegian trawl fishery

10 Jun 2021: Thies Lüdtke

Identifying and treating predictors of psychotic symptoms - How findings from Experience Sampling research can help to improve the treatment of psychosis and the prediction of relapse

11 Jun 2021: Nora Ness

Immunological biomarkers in prostate cancer - A retrospective cohort study utilizing immunohistochemistry on tissue microarrays for evaluation of immune biomarker expression and experimental in vitro assays

11 Jun 2021: Julia Maria Kloos

Horizontal transfer, selection and maintenance of antibiotic resistance determinants

17 Jun 2021: Ole Christian Hagestad

Bioprospecting of marine fungi from the High Arctic: A study of high latitude marine fungi from understudied taxa; bioactivity potential, taxonomy and genomics

17 Jun 2021: Kamilla Gjerland Haugland

Hippocampal plasticity: Development of connectivity and growth hormone modulation of place cells and behavior

18 Jun 2021: Hanne Skille

Combined effects of cancer and prothrombotic genotypes on the risk of venous thromboembolism

18 Jun 2021: Anne-Berit Lorentsen

Hverdagslivsperspektiv i barnevernet? En kvalitativ studie av mødres erfarte hverdagsliv

18 Jun 2021: Marek Vlk

Optical Waveguides for Infrared Spectroscopic Detection of Molecular Gases

18 Jun 2021: Håkon Hermanstrand

Eie eller leie, valg eller tvang? Samiske bygsler i Vaapste og Raane 1690 – 1800: Samisk handlingsrom i kongemaktenes grenseland

23 Jun 2021: Renate Døving Osvik

Bioprospecting of marine phytoplankton from large scale cultivation - Effect of culture conditions on bioactivity and biochemistry of the diatom Porosira glacialis

23 Jun 2021: Atena Miroslawska

Renal sympathetic denervation, potential effects on blood pressure and glucose metabolism in patients with severe treatment resistant hypertension. The Re-shape CV-risk study

25 Jun 2021: Thomas Haugland Johansen

Leveraging Computer Vision for Applications in Biomedicine and Geoscience

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