Doctoral presentations of current interest, where the thesis is available in Munin:

03 Dec 2019: Van Nhan Nguyen

Advancing Deep Learning for Automatic Autonomous Vision-based Power Line Inspection

05 Dec 2019: Ola Goverud Andersson

Utviklingen av den lokal- og regionalhistoriske forskningen i Nord-Norge og Nord-Russland i perioden 1972-2015. En komparativ historiografi.

  • Physical activity levels in adults and elderly from triaxial and uniaxial accelerometry. The Tromsø Study 

    Sagelv, Edvard Hamnvik; Ekelund, Ulf; Pedersen, Sigurd; Brage, Søren; Hansen, Bjørge Hermann; Johansson, Jonas; Grimsgaard, Sameline; Nordström, Anna; Horsch, Alexander; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Morseth, Bente (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-12-03)
    <i>Introduction</i> - Surveillance of physical activity at the population level increases the knowledge on levels and trends of physical activity, which may support public health initiatives to promote physical activity. Physical activity assessed by accelerometry is challenged by varying data processing procedures, which influences the outcome. We aimed to describe the levels and prevalence estimates ...
  • Avalanche decision-making frameworks: Factors and methods used by experts 

    Landrø, Markus; Hetland, Audun; Engeset, Rune; Pfuhl, Gerit (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-10-31)
    The snowy mountains of the world attract more and more backcountry recreationalists. Besides beauty and joy, traveling in avalanche terrain can involve risk of injury and even death. A correct assessment of avalanche danger and following a correct decision is crucial. This requires a thorough evaluation of a range of factors. To aid these decisions several decision-making frameworks (DMF) have been ...
  • Aina Nøding, Claus Fasting: Dikter, journalist, opplysningspioner (Oslo: Scandinavian Academic Press, 2018). 440 pp. 

    Aspaas, Per Pippin (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-11-18)
  • Advancing Deep Learning for Automatic Autonomous Vision-based Power Line Inspection 

    Nguyen, Van Nhan (Doctoral thesis; Doktorgradsavhandling, 2019-12-03)
    Electricity is fundamental to the ability to function of almost all modern-day societies. To maintain the reliability, availability, and sustainability of electricity supply, electric utilities are usually required to perform visual inspections on their electrical grids regularly. These inspections have been typically carried out using a combination of airborne surveys via low-flying helicopters and ...
  • Områdesamarbeid i norsk havbruk 

    Karlsen, Kine Mari; Robertsen, Roy; Hersoug, Bjørn; Tveterås, Ragnar; Osmundsen, Tonje Cecilie (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2019-11-29)
    Rapporten beskriver funn fra områdesamarbeid i norsk havbruk i FHF-prosjektet "Havbruksforvaltning 2030". I denne studien er områdesamarbeid definert som "Samarbeid mellom to eller flere næringsaktører i havbruk innenfor et definert geografisk område". Målet med studien er å vurdere ulike former for områdesamarbeid, hvordan områdesamarbeid kan organiseres, samt å gjøre faglige betraktninger om ...

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