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  • Implementing Act 31 in Wisconsin. An Exploration of the History, the Act, and the Educators Who Make it Happen 

    Reis, Kendyl Michaela (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-11-11)
    Wisconsin Act 31, also known as Act 31, was signed into law in 1991 and requires Wisconsin schools to teach Indigenous studies in their classrooms. Act 31 was passed in response to a turbulent time in Northern Wisconsin when Ojibwe, who were exercising their treaty rights to spearfish, were confronted with white Wisconsinites, who protested against those rights. This time period was dubbed The Treaty ...
  • Children as eco-citizens? 

    Heggen, Marianne Presthus; Sageidet, Barbara Maria; Goga, Nina; Grindheim, Liv Torunn; Bergan, Veronica; Krempig, Inger Wallem; Utsi, Tove Aagnes; Lynngård, Anne Myklebust (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-11-26)
    Education for sustainability in early childhood tends to focus on practices and advocacy, rather than on the aims of this education. We suggest that the aim should be to consider children as being and becoming eco-citizens. This suggestion is built on an exploration of children as eco-citizens. With theories concerning child-sized citizenship we suggest a description of children and adults as being ...
  • Saurbekken i Heggen som forskningsarena. Om et lite frø som blei sådd i 1965 

    Bertelsen, Reidar (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2019)
  • Håløygminne og nordnorsk arkeologi. Følgesvenner gjennom hundre år 

    Bertelsen, Reidar (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2019)
  • Motstridende syn på Tromøy kirkes tilkomst 

    Bertelsen, Reidar (Chronicle; Kronikk, 2019-01-03)
  • Standing Rock as a place of learning - Strenghtening Indigenous Identities 

    Vassvik, Tuula Sharma (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-11-12)
    ABSTRACT The paper looks at Indigenous identities and ways of decolonization through the lens of Standing Rock, an indigenous movement called, located by Lake Oahe (the Missoury River), North Dakota, from the spring in 2016 until late february 2017. The movement arose to protect the local drinking water against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and with time came to symbolize ...
  • Hvilken skrivepedagogikk ligger til grunn ved skriveløp hos elever med norsk som andrespråk? En kasusstudie i en setting med særskilt norskundervisning 

    Johnsen, Ruben (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-11-04)
    I denne studien har jeg ønsket å belyse hvilke skrivepedagogikker som ligger til grunn ved et skriveløp for elever med norsk som andrespråk. Studien er designet som en kasusstudie ved en utvalgt byskole i Nord-Norge. Datamaterialet er samlet inn gjennom observasjon av et skriveløp på en skoleuke, i tillegg til intervju av læreren i etterkant av skriveløpet. Før jeg dro ut for å samle data leste ...
  • Religion og etnisitet blant japansk-brasilianere. En studie i Tomé-Açu 

    Valle, Rolv-Håkon (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-11-08)
    This is a study of the diversity of religions found among Japanese-Brazilians living in the city of Quatro Bocas, in the municipality of Tomé-Açu, in the State of Pará, in the north of Brazil. It examines relations between religions and ethnicities. I conducted fieldwork, first in Quatro Bocas between September and October 2017, and then in the city of São Paulo in December 2018. I interviewed ...
  • Latvian CDI: Methodology, developmental trends and cross-linguistic comparison 

    Urek, Olga; Vulane, Anna; Dargis, Roberts; Taurina, Agrita; Zirina, Tija; Simonsen, Hanne Gram (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-03-21)
    In this article, we report the results of a large-scale population study based on the Latvian adaptation of Communicative Development Inventories (CDI) – a parental report tool aimed at mapping the lexical and grammatical development of children under the age of three. Two CDI forms are discussed: CDI I: ‘Words and Gestures’ (8–16 months), and CDI II: ‘Words and Sentences’ (17–36 months). This article ...
  • U.N. Discourses on Indigenous Religion 

    Kraft, Siv Ellen (Chapter; Bokkapittel, 2017-06-06)
    Several scholars have commented on the ‘spiritual tone’ of u.n. discourses on indigenous peoples, but mostly in passing and never – to my knowledge – as a main focus. An attempt to address this gap and discuss in more detail u.n. discourses on indigenous religion, this chapter is concerned with references to religion and cognates, and with extent, patterns and usage. Anything resembling a complete ...
  • El ángel caído en Política de Dios y Sueño del infierno de Quevedo 

    Davenport, Randi Lise (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2019-08-09)
    Este artículo pretende examinar cómo Quevedo aprovecha la figura de Lucifer (el diablo, o ángel caído) en su tratado político <i>Política de Dios</i> y en su sátira menipea <i>Sueño del infierno</i> para reprehender al rey y su privado al tratar de la polémica cuestión de la razón de Estado.
  • Standing Rock Religion(s): Ceremonies, Social Media, and Music Videos 

    Johnson, Greg; Kraft, Siv Ellen (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-08-29)
    This article addresses emergent religious formations at protest scenes in the broader context of indigenous organization and identity-building. Our central example is the Standing Rock protest in North Dakota, 2016–2017, a local encampment-based event that quickly expanded into an international indigenous peoples’ movement. We argue that religion was a key register in the camps, during direct ...
  • Standing on the sacred: Ceremony, discourse, and resistance in the fight against the black snake 

    Johnson, Greg; Kraft, Siv Ellen (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017-07-04)
  • Open Access as publication method at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, UiT. A feasibility study conducted among academics at the faculty to determine usage and consensus regarding Open Access publishing practices 

    Grenersen, Sivert Martin Myrvang (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-11-04)
    This master thesis explores the landscape of scholarly publishing by presenting a study done at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HSL) at UiT the Arctic University of Norway to assess publication practices and attitudes with the focus being on Open Access (OA). For this study, 444 journal publications from the faculty in 2016 and 2017 were analyzed alongside a survey asking ...
  • The loss of feminine gender in Norwegian: a dialect comparison 

    Busterud, Guro; Lohndal, Terje; Rodina, Yulia; Westergaard, Marit (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-07-08)
    It is well known that grammatical gender systems may change historically. Previous research has documented loss of the feminine gender in several Norwegian dialects, including those spoken in Oslo and Tromsø (Lødrup in Maal og Minne 2:120–136, 2011; Rodina and Westergaard in J Ger Linguist 27(2):145–187 2015). In these dialects, the change is characterized by replacement of the feminine indefinite ...
  • Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda, historia setentrional de Miguel de Cervantes: Estado de la cuestión y su actualidad para hispanistas nórdicos 

    Davenport, Randi Lise (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-11-21)
    Miguel de Cervantes’ posthumous novel, <i>Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda, historia setentrional</i>, published in 1617, has in the past decades received renewed attention from Cervantes scholars. This article gives an overview of the main perspectives of current research at the 400<sup>th</sup> anniversary of the novel that the author himself considered his literary testament. It concludes ...
  • On the status of Concordantia Temporum in Spanish: An experimental approach 

    Guajardo, Gustavo Ariel; Goodall, Grant (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-10-23)
    Subjunctive clauses in Spanish are traditionally claimed to obey Concordantia Temporum (CT), an agreement in tense between the matrix and subjunctive clauses. Treating this phenomenon literally as agreement is problematic, so an analysis in which CT falls out from general principles of tense interpretation, as in Laca (2010a), is very attractive. Nevertheless, this analysis seems to make some <i>prima ...
  • The Reformation and the linguistic situation in Norway 

    Mørck, Endre (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-08-05)
    The article gives a short account of the development of the spoken language from Old Norwegian to Modern Norwegian, the transition from Norwegian to Danish as the written language in Norway and the language of the church around the Reformation. It is argued that the changes in the spoken language were a long-term development completed, on the whole, at the time of the Reformation, that the transition ...
  • «Relasjoner betyr mye - jeg ønsker å ha en god relasjon til elevene, men føler ofte at jeg kan komme til kort». Tre faglæreres tanker omkring arbeid med relasjonsdannelse 

    Enoksen, Guro (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2019-11-04)
    Masteroppgavens tema belyser faglærerens arbeid med relasjonsdannelse til sine elever og da med fokus på elevenes læringsutbytte. Relasjonskompetanse fremstår som et sentralt tema i skolen og som det arbeides mye med. Motivasjonen for å gjennomføre akkurat denne studien baserer seg i all hovedsak på en praksiserfaring jeg har med meg fra utdanningen. I tillegg til denne erfaringen, har jeg sett på ...

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