Aktuelle disputaser der avhandlingen er tilgjengelig i Munin:

03 mai 2021: Uliana Petrunina

Adjectivization in Russian: Analyzing participles by means of lexical frequency and constraint grammar

03 mai 2021: Brian Murray

Machine Learning for Enhanced Maritime Situation Awareness: Leveraging Historical AIS Data for Ship Trajectory Prediction

03 mai 2021: Maria Olsson

Causes and Consequences of Gender Roles

07 mai 2021: Miguel Ángel Tejedor Hernández

Glucose Regulation for In-Silico Type 1 Diabetes Patients Using Reinforcement Learning

11 mai 2021: Rolf-Ole Rydeng Jenssen

Radar System Development for Drone Borne Applications with Focus on Snowpack Parameters

11 mai 2021: David Andreas Thomas Werner

Development of a prognostic model for unfavorable outcome after lumbar microdiscectomy

14 mai 2021: Priya Bhide

The role of ovarian reserve markers in fertility and fertility treatment

20 mai 2021: Lars Dalheim

Porosira glacialis as a possible source of lipids for human consumption and aquaculture feed

20 mai 2021: Inger Lund-Kordahl

Studies on the Chain of Survival in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

21 mai 2021: Veronika Gjertsen Rypdal

Prediction of unfavorable outcome in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) and assessment of the long-term outcomes in JIA-associated uveitis – A prospective Nordic multicenter study of JIA from childhood to adulthood

21 mai 2021: Juncal Garcia Garcia

Exploring the roles of TRIM27 and TRIM32 in autophagy

25 mai 2021: Franziska Jensen

Kontrastive Feldermodelle als didaktische Werkzeuge im universitären DaF-Unterricht für norwegische Muttersprachler

28 mai 2021: Ole Andreas Nilsen

The influence of lifestyle on peak bone mass in Norwegian boys and girls between 15-19 years of age. The Tromsø study, Fit Futures

28 mai 2021: Ashenafi Zebene Woldaregay

EDMON - Electronic Disease Surveillance and Monitoring Network: A Personalized Health Model-based Digital Infectious Disease Detection Mechanism using Self-Recorded Data from People with Type 1 Diabetes

  • Intermittent fluctuations due to Lorentzian pulses in turbulent thermal convection 

    Decristoforo, Gregor; Theodorsen, Audun; Garcia, Odd Erik (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-08-03)
    Turbulent motions due to flux-driven thermal convection are investigated by numerical simulations and stochastic modeling. Tilting of convection cells leads to the formation of sheared flows and quasi-periodic relaxation oscillations for the energy integrals far from the threshold for linear instability. The probability density function for the temperature and radial velocity fluctuations in the ...
  • Blob interactions in 2D scrape-off layer simulations 

    Decristoforo, Gregor; Militello, Fulvio; Nicholas, Thomas; Omotani, John; Marsden, Chris; Walkden, Nick; Garcia, Odd Erik (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-12-01)
    Interaction of coherent structures known as blobs in the scrape-off layer of magnetically confined plasmas is investigated. Isolated and interacting seeded blobs, as well as full plasma turbulence, are studied by two-dimensional numerical simulations. The features of the blobs (position, size, amplitude) are determined with a blob tracking algorithm, which identifies them as coherent structures with ...
  • Feeding ecology and interactions of invasive vendace and DR whitefish in the Pasvik watercourse 

    Høstmark, Malin Solheim (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2021-02-15)
    Introductions and invasions of species outside their natural range can have devastating effects on the native species and be a major driver of biodiversity change. When the zooplanktivorous vendace invaded the Pasvik watercourse in the 1990s, it quickly took over the ecological role of the native DR whitefish. In the upper part of the watercourse, DR whitefish was displaced from the pelagic habitat ...
  • Gastrointestinal nematodes in Icelandic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) 

    Dembereldagva, Selengemurun (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2021-01-18)
    Reindeer (<i>Rangifer tarandus</i>) are host to gastrointestinal-tract nematodes (GINs) throughout the world. Some populations of reindeer exist in almost complete isolation from others, and this can have a key influence on the species and infection rates of GINs. An example of an isolated reindeer population occurs in Iceland. In this study, I have investigated the prevalence of GINs in Icelandic ...
  • OPS som ny standardkontrakt Avdekket behov eller konstruert sannhet 

    Sundsvalen, Åse Johnsen (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2020-12-15)
    Oppgaven tar for seg OPS-modellen og skal redegjøres for hvorvidt det foreligger et behov for en ny standardkontrakt. Det vil herunder tas utgangspunkt i faktiske eksempler fra næringslivet i Norge, men også den danse utviklingen innenfor OPS-prosjektene.

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