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    • Socioeconomic position, lifestyle habits and biomarkers of epigenetic aging: A multi-cohort analysis 

      Fiorito, Giovanni; McCrory, Cathal; Robinson, Oliver; Carmeli, Cristian; Rosales, Carolina Ochoa; Zhang, Yan; Colicino, Elena; Dugué, Pierre-Antoine; Artaud, Fanny; McKay, Gareth J.; Jeong, Ayoung; Mishra, Pashupati P.; Nøst, Therese Haugdahl; Krogh, Vittorio; Panico, Salvatore; Sacerdote, Carlotta; Tumino, Rosario; Palli, Domenico; Matullo, Giuseppe; Guarrera, Simonetta; Gandini, Martina; Bochud, Murielle; Dermitzakis, Emmanouil; Muka, Taulant; Schwartz, Joel; Vokonas, Pantel S.; Just, Allan; Hodge, Allison M.; Giles, Graham G.; Southey, Melissa C.; Hurme, Mikko A.; Young, Ian; McKnight, Amy Jayne; Kunze, Sonja; Waldenberger, Melanie; Peters, Annette; Schwettmann, Lars; Lund, Eiliv; Baccarelli, Andrea; Milne, Roger L.; Kenny, Rose A.; Elbaz, Alexis; Brenner, Hermann; Kee, Frank; Voortman, Trudy; Probst-Hensch, Nicole; Lehtimäki, Terho; Elliot, Paul; Stringhini, Silvia; Vineis, Paolo; Polidoro, Silvia (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-04-14)
      <p>Differences in health status by socioeconomic position (SEP) tend to be more evident at older ages, suggesting the involvement of a biological mechanism responsive to the accumulation of deleterious exposures across the lifespan. DNA methylation (DNAm) has been proposed as a biomarker of biological aging that conserves memory of endogenous and exogenous stress during life. <p>We examined the ...