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    • Macular thickness in healthy eyes of adults (N=4508) and relation to sex, age and refraction: The Tromsø Eye Study (2007-08) 

      Hanno, Therese von; Lade, Anette Caroline; Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.; Peto, Tunde; Njølstad, Inger; Bertelsen, Geir (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-12-18)
      Purpose: To provide sex-stratified normative data on retinal thickness and study the relationship with sex, age and refractive status. Methods: Population-based study including 2617 women and 1891 men, aged 38– 87 (mean 61 8) years, without diabetes, glaucoma and retinal diseases, and spherical equivalent refraction (SER) within 6 dioptres. Retinal thickness was measured with optical coherence ...