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    • Identification of p62/SQSTM1 as a component of non-canonical Wnt VANGL2-JNK signalling in breast cancer 

      Puvirajesinghe, Tania M.; Bertucci, François; Jain, Ashish; Scerbo, Pierluigi; Belotti, Edwige; Audebert, Stéphane; Sebbagh, Michael; Lopez, Marc; Brech, Andreas; Finetti, Pascal; Charafe-Jauffret, Emmanuelle; Chaffanet, Max; Restouin, Audrey; Marchetto, Sylvie; Collette, Yves; Gonçalvès, Anthony; Macara, Ian; Birnbaum, Daniel; Kodjabachian, Laurent; Johansen, Terje; Borg, Jean-Paul (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-01-12)
      The non-canonical Wnt/planar cell polarity (Wnt/PCP) pathway plays a crucial role in embryonic development. Recent work has linked defects of this pathway to breast cancer aggressiveness and proposed Wnt/PCP signalling as a therapeutic target. Here we show that the archetypal Wnt/PCP protein VANGL2 is overexpressed in basal breast cancers, associated with poor prognosis and implicated in tumour ...