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    • Undersøkelse av mulig funnsted for halsekrager i Tennevik sommeren 2012 

      Arntzen, Johan Eilertsen (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2013)
      Som et ledd i undertegnedes PhD-prosjekt “The consolidation of farming in northern Norway” ble det den 03.08.2012 gjort befaringer ved gården Tennevik i Skånland kommune, Troms fylke. Disse befaringene ble fulgt opp med mindre prøvegravninger den 26.08.2012. Hensikten bak undersøkelsen var å gjøre et forsøk på å påvise det eksakte funnstedet for TS.160a og b, et depot- eller offerfunn av to halsekrager ...
    • Undersøkelsene på Melkøya : Melkøyaprosjektet - kulturhistoriske registreringer og utgravninger 2001 og 2002 

      Hesjedal, Anders; Ramstad, Morten; Niemi, Anja Roth (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2009)
    • Unintended consequences: how the recovery of sea eagle Haliaeetus spp. populations in the northern hemisphere is affecting seabirds 

      Hipfner, Mark J.; Blight, Louise K.; Lowe, Roy W.; Wilhelm, Sabina I.; Robertson, Gregory J.; Barrett, Robert T.; Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Good, Thomas P. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      The recovery of sea eagle Haliaeetus spp. populations in the temperate northern hemisphere in the closing decades of the 20th century is one of the great conservation success stories of recent times, but the re-establishment of these apex predators in marine systems has had consequences for seabirds. Sea eagles affect seabirds both directly (by taking adults and offspring and by inducing potentially ...
    • Upwind or downwind: the spring arrival of Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea at Troms, north Norway 

      Barrett, Robert T. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-07-13)
      Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea have a record-long migration between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and wintering areas in the Antarctic. Nevertheless, return dtaes to north Norway were remarkably constant over a 35-y period (1981-2015), arriving in Troms within a 13-d time window in mid to late May. Since 1993, arrival dates have advanced by about four days. No relationships were found between ...
    • Valen, Vardø k. : forundersøkelse og overvåking av middelalder bygrunn. 

      Niemi, Anja Roth; Henriksen, Jørn Erik (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2013-04-08)
      Vardø kommune søkte 5. mars 2012 om dispensasjon etter kml. 8 første ledd for inngrep i automatisk fredet bygrunn ( 7561 i Askeladden) i forbindelse med oppføring av flerbrukshus i Vardø. Tromsø museum var av den oppfatning at opplysningene om kulturlagsforholdene innen tiltaksområdet var for mangelfulle til at man kunne gi en uttalelse i saken overfor Riksantikvaren. Riksantikvaren sluttet ...
    • Väinö Tanner and the discourse on racial difference 

      Nyyssönen, Jukka (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      The article charts a previously lesser-known aspect of research on the Skolt Sami by Väinö Tanner — his ideas on the Skolt Sami as a race. Tanner’s place in the scholarly field of racial theorizing and the discursive resources on which he relied are examined. One inspiring contemporaneous discourse was the Finnish hygienic discourse and the improvement of the nation’s health, towards which Tanner ...
    • Vikingene fra Hunstad. Rapport fra de arkeologiske utgravningene 1992 og 1993 

      Chruickshank, Marit (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 1995-09)
    • Virological and serological surveillance for type A influenza in the black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) 

      Tønnessen, Ragnhild; Germundsson, Anna; Jonassen, Christine M.; Haugen, Irene; Berg, Kristin; Barrett, Robert T.; Rimstad, Espen (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2011)
      The epidemiology of avian influenza viruses (AIVs) in gulls is only partially known. The role of the world's most numerous gull species, the black-legged kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla), as a potential AIV reservoir species has been unclear. The prevalence of AIV and humoral response against AIV were therefore studied in a colony of apparently healthy black-legged kittiwakes breeding in a nesting cliff ...
    • Visual Anthropology in Sardinia: review 

      Ragazzi, Rossella (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Others; Andre, 2016-11-18)
      Based on a number of Carta’s previously published articles and a doctoral thesis on the subject of Sardinian documentary and ethnographic cinema, this volume investigates the distinctive qualities of Sardinian anthropological filmmaking and sheds light on the history of non-fiction film in the island, articulating some of the paradigms characterising Sardinia as an ethnographic object par ...
    • Vurderinger for barnets beste 

      Eriksen, Evelyn (Chronicle; Kronikk, 2014-11-03)
    • When things go wrong: intra-season dynamics of breeding failure in a seabird 

      Ponchon, Aurore; Grémillet, David J.H.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Signe; Erikstad, Kjell E; Barrett, Robert T.; Reiertsen, Tone Kristin; McCoy, Karen D.; Tveraa, Torkild; Boulinier, Thierry (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2014-01-16)
      During breeding, long-lived species face important time and energy constraints that can lead to breeding failure when food becomes scarce. Despite the potential implications of intra-season dynamics in breeding failure for individual behavior, carry-over effects, dispersal decisions and population dynamics, little information is currently available on these dynamics at fine temporal scales. Here, ...
    • Women and Children First: the Gendered and Generational Social-ecology of Smaller-scale Fisheries in Newfoundland and Labrador and Northern Norway 

      Neis, Barbara; Gerrard, Siri; Power, Nicole (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2013)
      The resilience of small-scale fisheries in developed and developing countries has been used to provide lessons to conventional managers regarding ways to transition toward a social-ecological approach to understanding and managing fisheries. We contribute to the understanding of the relationship between management and the resilience of small-scale fisheries in developed countries by looking at ...
    • Woolfian Border Poetics and Contemporary Circadian Novels 

      Ryall, Anka (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2014)
    • Yoik experiences and possible positive health outcomes: An explorative pilot study 

      Hämäläinen, Soile; Musial, Frauke; Graff, Ola; Olsen, Torjer Andreas; Salamonsen, Anita (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2017-01-19)
      Background: Yoik is an old vocal music tradition of Sami, the indigenous people inhabiting Northern Fennoscandia and Kola peninsula in Russia. Studies of music therapy (MT) and especially singing have documented improvements in social and overall functioning in people With severe mental disorders and positive effect on depressive symptoms and sleep quality. Possible connections between yoik and ...