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  • SEAPOP studies in the Lofoten and Barents Sea area in 2005 

    Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Barrett, Robert T; Bustnes, Jan Ove; Erikstad, Kjell E; Fauchald, Per; Lorentsen, Svein Håkon; Steen, Harald; Strøm, Hallvard; Systad, Geir Helge Rødli; Tveraa, Torkild (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2006)
    This is the first annual report from SEAPOP, a long-term seabird programme aiming to provide and maintain base-line knowledge needed for an improved management of marine areas. For several reasons, the activities in the ...
  • SEAPOP studies in the Barents and Norwegian Seas in 2007 

    Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Barrett, Robert T; Bustnes, J.O.; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Signe; Erikstad, K.E.; Fauchald, Per; Lorentsen, Svein-Håkon; Steen, Harald; Strøm, H.; Systad, Geir Helge; Tveraa, Torkild (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2008-04)
    This is the third annual report of the SEAPOP programme, which was initiated in 2005. In 2007, the work continued at full scale in the Lofoten-Barents Sea area, and similar studies were initiated in the southern part of ...
  • Levedyktighetsanalyser for norske lomvibestander 

    Erikstad, K.E.; Reiertsen, T.K.; Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Barrett, Robert T; Lorentsen, Svein-Håkon; Strøm, H.; Systad, G.H. (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2007-03)
    Hekkebestandene av lomvi (Uria aalge) langs norskekysten har hatt en sterk nedgang i løpet av de siste 45 årene. Den norske fastlandsbestanden utgjør i dag ikke mer enn ca 15 000 par, mens den til sammenligning ble ...
  • SEAPOP studies in the Lofoten and Barents Sea area in 2006 

    Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Barrett, Robert T; Bustnes, Jan Ove; Erikstad, Kjell Einar; Fauchald, Per; Lorentsen, Svein-Håkon; Steen, Harald; Strøm, Hallvard; Systad, Geir Helge; Tveraa, T (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2007-04)
    This is the second annual report of the SEAPOP programme, which was initiated in 2005. In 2006, the programme was extended to the near full scale in the Lofoten-Barents Sea area, but it is aimed for implementation at the ...
  • Gamnes, Sør-Varanger k. Forvaltningsutgravning av en lokalitet fra eldre steinalder, id. 158956 og en gammetuft id. 158949 

    Oppvang, Janne; Kjellman, Erik; Niemi, Anja Roth; Lind, Keth Elisabeth (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2017)
    I løpet av 5 uker i august-september 2015 ble det undersøkt en registrert gammetuft, id.158949 og en åpen steinalderboplass,id.158956 på Gamnes i Sør-Varanger. Gammetufta viste seg å være et ishus/laksegamme fra nyere tid. ...
  • Saamelaisten ja Australian alkuperäiskansojen kouluhistorian erityispiirteet 

    Nyyssönen, Jukka; Keskitalo, Pigga Päivi Kristiina; Linkola, Inker-Anni; Paksuniemi, Merja; Turunen, Tuija; McIntosh, Leonie (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016)
  • Sjøfugl og marine økosystemer. Status for sjøfugl og sjøfuglenes næringsgrunnlag i Norge og på Svalbard 

    Fauchald, Per; Barrett, Robert; Bustnes, Jan Ove; Erikstad, Kjell E; Nøttestad, Leif; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Vikebø, Frode Bendiksen (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2015)
    Denne synteserapporten beskriver hvordan endringene og fluktuasjonene i økosystemene i norske havområder påvirker næringsforholdene for sjøfugl. Disse endringene har konsekvenser for sjøfuglsamfunnene langs kysten, og ...
  • Sameleire i Tromsø som turistmål, fotomotiv og møteplass 

    Baglo, Cathrine (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2015)
    Sameleiren i Tromsdalen var lenge det mest besøkte turistmålet i Tromsø. Betydningen Tromsdalen og andre sameleire fikk som fotomotiv og møteplass i siste del av 1800-tallet, og hvordan dette skulle bidra til å bygge opp ...
  • Arctic trophy hunters, tourism and masculinities, 1827-1914 

    Aarekol, Lena (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-10-12)
    Trophy hunting in the Arctic happened in an intersection between tourism, expeditions and hunting. This study contributes to a discrete history of masculinity within the context of trophy hunting organized from North ...
  • Upwind or downwind: the spring arrival of Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea at Troms, north Norway 

    Barrett, Robert T (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-07-13)
    Arctic Terns Sterna paradisaea have a record-long migration between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and wintering areas in the Antarctic. Nevertheless, return dtaes to north Norway were remarkably constant over a 35-y ...
  • Visual Anthropology in Sardinia: review 

    Ragazzi, Rossella (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Others; Andre, 2016-11-18)
    Based on a number of Carta’s previously published articles and a doctoral thesis on the subject of Sardinian documentary and ethnographic cinema, this volume investigates the distinctive qualities of Sardinian ...
  • Borg - mellom høvdingdømme og kongemakt. 

    Storli, Inger (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016)
  • Stepperøyrkvein Calamagrostis purpurascens i Wijdefjorden på Svalbard - einaste lokalitetar i Europa 

    Elvebakk, Arve; Nilsen, Lennart (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-12-24)
  • Identification of bird species used to make a Viking Age feather pillow 

    Dove, Carla J.; Wickler, Stephen (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2015-11-04)
    A grave containing the remains of a wooden boat was discovered in 1934 under a low mound in a bog at Øksnes in the Vesterålen islands of northern Norway. The boat grave dates to the 10th century in the Viking Age, and grave ...
  • Fern rhizomes as fodder in Norway 

    Alm, Torbjørn (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-09-06)
    Background: Although ferns are often known under collective names in Norway, e.g. blom, a substantial number of vernacular names for individual fern species are known, in particular for useful or poisonous taxa. In the ...
  • The role of sea ice for vascular plant dispersal in the Arctic 

    Alsos, Inger Greve; Ehrich, Dorothee; Seidenkrantz, Marit-Solveig; Bennike, Ole; Kirchhefer, Andreas; Geirsdottir, Aslaug (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-09)
    Sea ice has been suggested to be an important factor for dispersal of vascular plants in the Arctic. To assess its role for postglacial colonization in the North Atlantic region, we compiled data on the first Late Glacial ...
  • Lake sedimentary DNA accurately records 20th Century introductions of exotic conifers in Scotland 

    Sjøgren, Per Johan; Edwards, Mary Elizabeth; Gielly, Ludovic; Langdon, Cathrine; Croudace, I.W.; Merkel, Marie Kristine Føreid; Thierry, Fonville; Alsos, Inger Greve (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-09-28)
    Sedimentary DNA (sedDNA) has recently emerged as a new proxy for reconstructing past vegetation, but its taphonomy, source area and representation biases need better assessment. We investigated how sedDNA in recent sediments ...
  • A cosmopolitan, Sami-friendly scholar? Väinö Tanner on the best way to treat the Sami 

    Nyyssönen, Jukka (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    The topic of this article is Väinö Tanner’s views on Sami policies, which are searched from numerous contexts, including his personal career and Nordic Sami policies. Also the discur-sive resources, which he re-produced, ...
  • Circumpolar Arctic vegetation: a hierarchic review and roadmap toward an internationally consistent approach to survey, archive and classify tundra plot data 

    Walker, D. A.; Daniels, F.J.A.; Alsos, Inger Greve; Bhatt, U S; Breen, A L; Buchhorn, M; Bultmann, H; Druckenmiller, L A; Edwards, M E; Ehrich, Dorothee; Epstein, Howard E.; Gould, W.A.; Ims, Rolf Anker; Meltofte, H; Raynolds, M. K.; Sibik, J; Talbot, SS; Webber, P. J. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-05-10)
    Satellite-derived remote-sensing products are providing a modern circumpolar perspective of Arctic vegetation and its changes, but this new view is dependent on a long heritage of ground-based observations in the Arctic. ...
  • Soapstone in northern Norway: research status, production evidence and quarry survey results 

    Wickler, Stephen (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel, 2015)
    Archaeological research on the production and use of soapstone artifacts in northern Norway remains limited in scope and the region has received marginal attention in the Norwegian soapstone literature. Archaeological ...

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