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dc.contributor.authorKrieger, E.A.
dc.contributor.authorKudryavtsev, Alexander V
dc.contributor.authorSamodova, O.V.
dc.contributor.authorBashkirev, D.S.
dc.contributor.authorMitkin, N.A.
dc.contributor.authorKontsevaya, A.V.
dc.contributor.authorPostoev, V.A.
dc.description.abstractObjective. To evaluate the feasibility of using a mobile app to collect health-related data and the impact of this data collection method on the results obtained, using the COVID-19 vaccination attitude assessment as an example. Material and methods. A survey was conducted on attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccination using the «Know Your Heart» mobile app. A total of 1,770 Arkhangelsk region residents aged 35—74 years who participated in the ЭССЕ-РФ3 survey conducted in the Arkhangelsk region in 2021 were invited to install the application and take part in the survey. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used to evaluate factors related to application installation and survey participation. Results. Of the total number of subjects invited to participate in the study, 611 (34.5%) installed the mobile app, and 150 (8.5%) participated in the survey. Subjects under 65 were more likely to install the application than those 65—74, as were subjects with a steady job versus those without one. Subjects under 65 years of age showed a higher responding rate to the invitation to participate in the mobile survey. Individuals who abused alcohol were less likely to agree to participate in the mobile survey. The majority of respondents are vaccinated against COVID-19 (81%). Vaccinated subjects and those confident in the effectiveness of nonspecific preventive measures were more likely to have positive attitudes towards vaccination. Conclusion. The low response rate to the survey resulting in an unrepresentative sample determined the low effectiveness of the survey using the mobile app. When overcoming these obstacles, mobile applications have the potential to be used in scientific research due to their high speed, accessibility, and ease of data collection.en_US
dc.identifier.citationKrieger EA, Kudryavtsev AV, Samodova OV, Bashkirev DS, Mitkin NA, Kontsevaya AV, Postoev VA. Mobile app as a tool to collect health data: a survey on vaccination against COVID-19. The Russian Journal of Preventive medicine. 2022;25(8):31–41. (In Russ.).
dc.identifier.cristinIDFRIDAID 2071028
dc.publisherMedia Sphera Publishersen_US
dc.relation.journalProfilakticheskaya Meditsina
dc.rights.holderCopyright 2022 The Author(s)en_US
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)en_US
dc.titleMobile app as a tool to collect health data: a survey on vaccination against COVID-19en_US
dc.typeJournal articleen_US
dc.typePeer revieweden_US

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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