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    • Theoretical and experimental studies of thermolysin inhibition 

      Wuxiuer, Yimingjiang (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2008-05-15)
      Zinc-metalloproteinases play a key role in the biosythesis and metabolism of different bioactive peptides. As a member of zinc-metalloproteinases, thermolysin has served as a model system to study the inhibition mechanism of other metalloproteinases. Inhibitors of thermolysin have considerable potential as therapeutic agents. In the present master thesis, docking calculations were performed and ...
    • The use of traditional and unconventional culturing methods for the discovery of antimicrobial compounds derived from marine microorganisms 

      Brocklesby, Charlotte Kit Mun (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2023-05-15)
      The main aim is to evaluate the content of marine biofilms and different marine bacteria for antimicrobial potential. Hypothesis: antimicrobial compounds can be produced in the presence of other bacterial species; in the context of Winogradsky columns that simulate a naturalistic environment, and in the proximity to other species in the case of marine bacterial isolates. For this main aim and ...
    • The world of β-glucans : a review of biological roles, applications and potential areas of research 

      Ali, Syed Haris (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2009-05-15)
      Among many known and tested immunomodulators, polysaccharides isolated from various natural sources occupy a prominent position. An important group of these polysaccharides is represented by the homopolymers of β-glucose, called β-glucans. Their very low-to-negligible toxicity and immunomodulating effects show the promise it has in the therapy of a variety of infectious and cancer illnesses. ...