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  • Whose Settler Colonial State? Arctic Railway, Changing State Space and Settler Self-Indigenization in Northern Finland 

    Junka-Aikio, Laura (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2022-08-01)
    Settler colonial theory has effectively highlighted the continuity of colonial structures, but less attention has been paid on how also the settler state has transformed over time, and how such changes have affected the manifold relationships between the state, the settlers and the natives. This article addresses trajectories of settler colonial change in Finland, building on theories of state ...
  • Frame Alignment Between Environmentalists and the Sámi in the Forest Dispute in Inari, Finland Until the 2000s—Competing Conservation Needs and Obstacles for Co-Living With the Non-Human 

    Nyyssönen, Jukka (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2022-07-12)
    The cooperation between Sá mi actors and environmentalists in the resistance of loggings in the conflict over forestry in Inari, in Finnish Sá pmi, in the 2000s has been presented as a cohesive alliance, innovative in creating new political space and channels of influence. Looking more closely, there were foundational non-aligning factors causing friction to the alliance, relating to the legitimacy ...
  • Stornaust og båtverksted fra middelalder. Forskningsutgravning i 2021 på Nergården, Bjarkøy, Harstad k. 

    Wickler, Stephen (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2022)
    En begrenset forskningsutgravning ble utført på Nergården, Bjarkøy av UM og TFFK i tre feltperioder (2019-21) i tillegg til en georadarundersøkelse gjennomført av NIKU i 2021. Utgravningsresultatene er sammenflettet med NIKUs resultater i tolkning av konstruksjoner og sammenhengen mellom to nausttufter (tuft 1 og 2). Tuft 1 har utvendig mål på ca. 31-33 m x 15-17 m og et gulvareale på ca. 28-29 x ...
  • En kvalitativ innholdsanalyse av et nettbasert gitarkurs for nybegynnere på 

    Bjørlykhaug, John Olav (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2022-06-28)
    Hensikten med denne masteroppgaven er å undersøke et nettbasert gitarkurs for nybegynnere. Det er fordi jeg oppfatter det å bruke nettbaserte kurs som en økende trend i samfunnet for de som ønsker å lære å spille gitar. Det er dermed et behov for kunnskaper om hvordan en kan planlegge, vurdere og gjennomføre slike kurs. I den forbindelse ønsker jeg å belyse følgende problemstilling: «Hvordan kommer ...
  • Mass concentration of Hirnantian cephalopods from the Siljan District, Sweden; taxonomy, palaeoecology and palaeobiogeographic relationships 

    Kröger, Björn; Ebbestad, Jan Ove R.; Högström, Anette; Frisk, Åsa M. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2011-02-01)
    The Hirnantian Glisstjärn Formation (Normalograptus persculptus graptolite Biozone) is a succession of limestones and shales onlapping the Katian Boda Limestone in the Siljan District, Sweden. It contains a conspicuous, up to several decimeter thick bed densely packed with bipolarly oriented, orthoconic cephalopod conchs that can reach lengths of more than 120 cm. Conch fragmentation, bioereosion ...
  • Sangundervisning som dialogisk praksis 

    Sundbø, Marthe Kirsten (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2022-05-12)
    Bakgrunnen for denne oppgaven kommer fra en interesse for dialogfilosofi, og en interesse for sangfaget som en dialogisk praksis. Hensikten med oppgaven er å gå i dybden på det dialogiske ved sangundervisningen. Gjennom åpne intervjuer med tre ulike sangpedagoger, gis det et innblikk i ulike erfaringer med og perspektiver på sangundervisning som dialogisk praksis. Det teoretiske rammeverket for ...
  • Exploring Production and use of soapstone in Norway: Towards an interdisciplinary approach? 

    Bunse, Laura (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2016-12-15)
    In recent years, soapstone research has developed into a multidisciplinary field encompassing a broad range of topics and methodological approaches. Interdisciplinary research now attracts more interest and has contributed significantly to the identification of quarries and understanding of the distribution and use of soapstone. Most collaborative projects have related to certain geographic or ...
  • The Slottsmøya marine reptile Lagerstätte: depositional environments, taphonomy and diagenesis 

    Delsett, Lene Liebe; Novis, Linn Kristin; Roberts, Aubrey Jane; Koevoets, Maayke Jacqueline; Hammer, Øyvind; Druckenmiller, Patrick Scott; Hurum, Jørn Harald (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2015-12-16)
    The Late Jurassic Slottsmøya Member Lagersta¨tte on Spitsbergen offers a unique opportunity to study the relationships between vertebrate fossil preservation, invertebrate occurrences and depositional environment. In this study, 21 plesiosaurian and 17 ichthyosaur specimens are described with respect to articulation, landing mode, preservation, and possible predation and scavenging. The stratigraphic ...
  • When Older Males Sire More Ofspring—Increased Attractiveness or Higher Fertility? 

    Lifjeld, Jan Terje; Kleven, Oddmund; Fossøy, Frode; Jacobsen, Frode F.; Laskemoen, Terje; Rudolfsen, Geir; Robertson, Raleigh J. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2022-04-23)
    In birds with extrapair mating, older males usually have higher fertilization success than younger males. Two hypotheses can potentially explain this pattern: 1) females prefer older, and often more ornamented males, or 2) older males invest more in reproduction and fertility than younger males. Here we studied factors associated with age-related male fertilization success in a population of barn ...
  • Barrmaelia pseudobombarda (Ascomycota), a rare European species with a peculiar disjunct distribution 

    Mathiassen, Geir Harald; Granmo, Alfred; Rämä, Teppo (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2015-01-01)
    Lophium elegans (Mytilinidiales, Mytilinidiaceae) is recorded for the first time in northern Europe. It was found on Juniperus communis in two locations in Finnmark County, Norway, which represent the northernmost finds for the species. A morphological description of the species is given and its ecology and distribution discussed.
  • New and little known species of Lepechinella (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Lepechinellidae) and an allied new genus Lepesubchela from the North Atlantic 

    Johansen, Per-Otto; Vader, Wim (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2015-06-29)
    New species of Lepechinella, L. norvegica sp. nov. and L. victoriae sp. nov., from the North East Atlantic are described together with the new, closely related genus and species Lepesubchela christinae gen. et sp. nov. Lepechinella arctica Schellenberg, 1926 from north of Spitsbergen and Lepechinella schellenbergi Stephensen, 1944 from Greenland are redescribed. A key to the species of Atlantic ...
  • "Kle av serken og dans spille naken". Betydninga av kjønn i tradisjonsmusikken. 

    Graff, Ola (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2018-03-07)
    This article attempts to investigate how Norwegian traditional music is gendered. There have been few such investigations in the past. Some songs are work songs and function as a tool to lighten the work itself. Each song is created for either men's work, or women's. Other songs describe the actual conditions for men or women. There exist, for example, some songs which illustrate how women had to ...
  • Psoroma nigropunctatum sp. nov., an alpine lichen in south-eastern Australia related to P. buchananii 

    Elvebakk, Arve; Elix, J.A. (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-07)
    <i>Psoroma nigropunctatum</i> is described as new to science, based on collections from alpine and subalpine areas of the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and New South Wales. It grows on soil or mosses on rock outcrops and in tussock grasslands. It had previously been misidentified as <i>Psoroma hypnorum</i>, but it is more closely related to <i>P. buchananii</i>. The two species have large ...
  • Psoroma inflatum, a new alpine lichen from New Zealand 

    Elvebakk, Arve (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-07)
    <i>Psoroma inflatum</i> sp. nov. is described from mountains in Canterbury and Otago in New Zealand’s South Island. It is related to <i>P. hypnorum</i>, but differs in having a strongly inflated and glossy thallus. The squamules are prostrate, ascending or erect, and form brown, coarsely coralloid patches. They lack a dorsiventral morphology and anatomy, in contrast to other Psoroma species, except ...
  • Den samiske bjørnekultuen - arkeologiske spor til samisk historie og religion. 

    Sommerseth, Ingrid (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    This paper aims to present an ongoing research project about the Sámi bear graves in Norway. The paper focuses on bear graves related to burial customs and rituals associated with cavities. It also addresses the fact that, as can be seen from the many Rock carvings, dated from 8000–2000 BCE, the bear was often portrayed as a vital and significant animal to people in prehistoric times. The background ...
  • Million-year-old DNA sheds light on the genomic history of mammoths 

    van der Valk, Tom; Pečnerová, Patrícia; Díez-del-Molino, David; Bergström, Anders; Oppenheimer, Jonas; Hartmann, Stefanie; Xenikoudakis, Georgios; Thomas, Jessica A.; Dehasque, Marianne; Sağlıcan, Ekin; Rabia Fidan, Fatma; Barnes, Ian; Liu, Shanlin; Somel, Mehmet; Heintzman, Peter D.; Nikolskiy, Pavel; Shapiro, Beth; Skoglund, Pontus; Hofreiter, Michael; Lister, Adrian M.; Götherström, Anders; Dalén, Love (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-02-17)
    Temporal genomic data hold great potential for studying evolutionary processes such as speciation. However, sampling across speciation events would, in many cases, require genomic time series that stretch well back into the Early Pleistocene subepoch. Although theoretical models suggest that DNA should survive on this timescale1, the oldest genomic data recovered so far are from a horse specimen ...
  • Ancient horse genomes reveal the timing and extent of dispersals across the Bering Land Bridge 

    Vershinina, Alisa; Heintzman, Peter D.; Froese, Duane G.; Zazula, Grant D.; Cassatt-Johnstone, Molly; Dalén, Love; Der Sarkissian, Clio; Dunn, Shelby G.; Ermini, Luca; Gamba, Cristina; Groves, Pamela; Kapp, Joshua D.; Mann, Daniel H.; Seguin-Orlando, Andaine; Southon, John R.; Stiller, Mathias; Wooller, Matthew J.; Baryshnikov, Gennady; Gimranov, Dmitry; Scott, Eric; Hall, Elizabeth; Hewitson, Susan; Kirillova, Irina V.; Kosintsev, Pavel; Shidlovsky, Fedor; Tong, Hao-Wen; Tiunov, Mikhail P.; Vartanyan, Sergey; Orlando, Ludovic; Corbett-Detig, Russell B.; MacPhee, Ross D. E.; Shapiro, Beth (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-05-10)
    The Bering Land Bridge (BLB) last connected Eurasia and North America during the Late Pleistocene. Although the BLB would have enabled transfers of terrestrial biota in both directions, it also acted as an ecological filter whose permeability varied considerably over time. Here we explore the possible impacts of this ecological corridor on genetic diversity within, and connectivity among, populations ...
  • Comprehensive coverage of human last meal components revealed by a forensic DNA metabarcoding approach 

    Schneider, Judith; Mas-Carrió, Eduard; Jan, Catherine; Miquel, Christian; Taberlet, Pierre Robert Michel; Michaud, Katarzyna; Fumagalli, Luca (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-04-23)
    Stomach content analyses are a valuable tool in human forensic science to interpret perimortem events. While the identifcation of food components of plant and animal origin has traditionally been conducted by macro- and microscopical approaches in case of incomplete digestion, molecular methods provide the potential to increase sensitivity and taxonomic resolution. In particular, DNA metabarcoding ...
  • sPlotOpen – An environmentally-balanced, open-access, global dataset of vegetation plots 

    Sabatini, Francesco Maria; Lenoir, Jonathan; Hattab, Tarek; Arnst, Elise Aimee; Chytrý, Milan; Dengler, Jürgen; De Ruffray, Patrice; Hennekens, Stephan M.; Jandt, Ute; Jansen, Florian; Kattge, Jens; Levesley, Aurora; Pillar, Valério D.; Purschke, Oliver; Sandel, Brody; Sultana, Fahmida; Aavik, Tsipe; Aćić, Svetlana; Agrillo, Emiliano; Álvarez, Miguel; Apostolova, Iva; Khan, Mohammed A. S. Arfin; Arroyo, Luzmila; Attorre, Fabio; Aubin, Isabelle; Banerjee, Arindam; Bergeron, Yves; Bergmeier, Erwin; Biurrun, Idoia; Björkman, Anne D.; Bonari, Gianmaria; Bondareva, Viktoria; Brunet, Jörg; Čarni, Andraž; Casella, Laura; Cayuela, Luis; Cerny, Tomas; Chepinoga, Victor; Csiky, János; Ćušterevska, Renata; De Bie, Els; De Gasper, André Luis; De Sanctis, Michele; Dimopoulos, Panayotis; Dolezal, Jiri; Dziuba, Tetiana; El-Sheikh, Mohamed Abd El-Rouf Mousa; Enquist, Brian; Ewald, Jörg; Fazayeli, Farideh; Field, Richard; Finckh, Manfred; Gachet, Sophie; Galán-De-Mera, Antonio; Garbolino, Emmanuel; Gholizadeh, Hamid; Giorgis, Melisa; Golub, Valentin; Alsos, Inger Greve; Grytnes, John Arvid; Guerin, Gregory Richard; Gutiérrez, Alvaro G.; Haider, Sylvia; Hatim, Mohamed Z.; Herault, Bruno; Mendoza, Guillermo Hinojos; Homeier, Jürgen; Kącki, Zygmunt; Karger, Dirk Nikolaus; Kavgaci, Ali; Kearsley, Elizabeth; Bruelheide, Helge; Hölzel, Norbert; Jiménez-Alfaro, Borja; Bauters, Marjin; Indreica, Adrian; Hubau, Wannes; Janssen, John A.M.; Jedrzejek, Birgit; Jentsch, Anke; Jürgens, Norbert; Kapfer, Jutta; Kavgaci, Ali; Kessler, Michael; Khanina, Larisa; Killeen, Timothy; Landucci, Flavia; Lengyel, Attila; Lens, Frederic; Lingner, Débora Vanessa; Liu, Hongyan; Lysenko, Tatiana; Mahecha, Miguel D.; Marcenò, Corrado; Martynenko, Vasiliy; Moeslund, Jesper Erenskjold; Mendoza, Abel Monteagudo; Mucina, Ladislav; Müller, Jonas V.; Munzinger, Jérôme; Naqinezhad, Alireza; Noroozi, Jalil; Nowak, Arkadiusz; Onyshchenko, Viktor; Overbeck, Gerhard E.; Pärtel, Meelis; Pauchard, Aníbal; Peet, Robert K; Peñuelas, Josep; Pèrez-Haase, Aaron; Peterka, Tomáš; Petřík, Petr; Peyre, Gwendolyn; Phillips, Oliver L.; Prokhorov, Vadim; Rašomavičius, Valerijus; Revermann, Rasmus; Rivas-Torres, Gonzalo; Rodwell, John S.; Ruprecht, Eszter; Rūsiņa, Solvita; Samimi, Cyrus; Schmidt, Marco; Schrodt, Franziska; Shan, Hanhuai; Shirokikh, Pavel; Šibík, Jozef; Šilc, Urban; Sklenář, Petr; Škvorc, Željko; Sparrow, Ben; Sperandii, Marta Gaia; Stančić, Zvjezdana; Svenning, Jens-Christian; Tang, Zhiyao; Tang, Cindy Q.; Tsiripidis, Ioannis; Vanselow, Kim André; Martínez, Rodolfo Vásquez; Vassilev, Kiril; Vélez-Martin, Eduardo; Venanzoni, Roberto; Vibrans, Alexander Christian; Violle, Cyrille; Virtanen, Risto; von Wehrden, Henrik; Wagner, Viktoria; Walker, Donald A.; Waller, Donald M.; Wang, Hua-Feng; Wesche, Karsten; Whitfeld, Timothy J. S.; Willner, Wolfgang; Wiser, Susan K.; Wohlgemuth, Thomas; Yamalov, Sergey; Zobel, Martin (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2021-06-21)
    Motivation: Assessing biodiversity status and trends in plant communities is critical for understanding, quantifying and predicting the effects of global change on ecosystems. Vegetation plots record the occurrence or abundance of all plant species co-occurring within delimited local areas. This allows species absences to be inferred, information seldom provided by existing global plant datasets. ...

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