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  • Maritime Security in the Baltic and Japanese Straits From the Perspective of EEZ Corridors 

    Lott, Alexander (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2023-10-29)
    This study focuses on the practice of the Baltic Sea coastal states and Japan in voluntarily limiting the outer extent of their territorial sea in straits. The reasons for the establishment of narrow exclusive economic zone (EEZ) corridors in straits are mostly related to security considerations. This article examines the consequences of such state practice for navigational regimes and for the ...
  • Recalcitrant Materialities of a Liminal Ocean: Deconstructing the ‘Arctic Nomos’ 

    Tsiouvalas, Apostolos (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2023-02-23)
    Published in 1950, Carl Schmitt’s Nomos of the Earth has been one of the most influential contributions in legal theory, illustrating inter alia the territorial conceptualization of the Eurocentric global legal order. While the Earth’s nomos has been largely hinged on the constructed ontology of a land-sea dichotomy and the appropriation and division of space through the establishment of sovereignty ...
  • Oppnevning av bistandsadvokat etter hendelser i det offentlige rom, etter straffeprosessloven § 107 a tredje ledd. 

    Bløndal, Nina Oshidi Krane (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2023-05-03)
    Denne masteravhandlingen tar for seg oppnevning av bistandsadvokat i forbindelse med hendelser i det offentlige rom, etter strpl. § 107 a tredje ledd. Tredje ledd oppstiller at "Retten kan også oppnevne bistandsadvokat i andre tilfeller der sakens art og alvor, hensynet til de berørte eller andre særlige forhold tilsier et behov for advokat.". Spørsmålet er for hvilken personkrets, og under hvilke ...
  • EFTA-domstolens behandling av EMK og EUs pakt om grunnleggende rettigheter 

    Bekkelund, Hannah Louise (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2023-05-02)
    En analyse av EFTA-domstolens behandling av grunnleggende rettigheter i lys av EMK og EUs grunnrettighetspakt, og enkelte av de særlige spørsmålene som følger av trekantforholdet mellom EMK-, EU- og EØS-retten på menneskerettighetenes område.
  • Reglene om tilbakeføring av råderett i internasjonal og nasjonal urfolksrett 

    Ravna, Øyvind; Midtkandal, Bendik (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2023-10-04)
    Internasjonal rett innehar regler om tilbakeføring av landområder som urfolk har mistet råde-retten over, ofte omtalt som reglene om restitusjon. Det hersker imidlertid uklarhet om reglenes innhold, både internasjonalt og nasjonalt. I denne artikkelen drøftes tilbakeføringsreglenes inn-hold og rekkevidde. Det synliggjøres at reglene kan ha betydning der majoritetssamfunnets myndighetsutøvelse og ...
  • Report on NCLOS Conference: “The limits and possibilities of sovereignty, as both the organizing logic and the central legal principle underpinning Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance (LOSOG)”, Tromsø, 25 and 25 November 2021 

    Gaunce, Julia Martha; Ahmad, Mazyar; Enyew, Endalew Lijalem (Research report; Forskningsrapport, 2021-11)
    The law of the sea is facing fundamental challenges, including material challenges, epistemic challenges, and challenges relating to ocean justice and geopolitical dynamics. To address these challenges, NCLOS has been engaged with several projects, one of which focusses on problematizing the logic of sovereignty and investigating how sovereignty could be redefined, adapted, and rethought to respond ...
  • The NCLOS Blog: Conclusions of the Aurora Conference: “The limits and possibilities of sovereignty, as both the organizing logic and the central legal principle underpinning Law of the Sea and Ocean Governance (LOSOG)” 

    Gaunce, Julia Martha; Ahmad, Mazyar; Enyew, Endalew Lijalem (Others; Andre, 2021-11)
    This blog post summarizes the main findings of the Conference. The post is structured following the order of the three sessions of the Conference. Finally, the post offers overall concluding remarks
  • Barnets beste. Rettighetens innhold i saker om opphold på humanitært grunnlag og utvisning 

    Martnes, Mona (Book; Bok, 2021)
    Barn har rett til å få sitt beste lagt til grunn som et grunnleggende hensyn i alle saker som berører dem selv. I denne boken diskuteres den iboende spenningen i utlendingsloven § 1, som pålegger norske utlendingsmyndigheter å ivareta både innvandringspolitiske hensyn og internasjonale menneskerettslige forpliktelser. Politiske hensyn og spenningen mellom barnets og statens interesser utgjør en ...
  • Civil Courts Coping with Covid-19 

    Krans, Bart; Nylund, Anna (Book; Bok, 2021)
    The unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic has propelled, and continues to propel, unprecedented transformations to civil proceedings and the landscape in which they operate. Courts have proven to be creative and innovative in their responses to the pandemic, and in their ability to implement digitisation of paperwork and remote hearings. This book contains a comparative study of how courts in 23 countries ...
  • Frontiers in Law and Legal Scholarship 

    Barnes, Richard Alan (Chapter; Bokkapittel, 2021-03-01)
    This collection celebrates the contributions of Professor David Freestone to our understanding of international environmental law, particularly law of the sea and climate law. In doing so, it seeks to reflect his contributions by making its own mark on how we understand these fields of academic inquiry, as well as the realpolitik of international law-making on some of the most pressing and complex ...
  • The Construction of Ocean Space in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. A Fisheries Perspective 

    Barnes, Richard Alan (Chapter; Bokkapittel, 2022)
    This chapter examines the development of fisheries regulation in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) from a constructivist approach. In doing so it provides important insights into how the construction of space is influenced by law making and institutional constraints, some of which reflect bias or imbalance in powers structures in international law. Many have defended law as a discreet and ...
  • Kvotesystemet 2022 En rettslig analyse av kvotesystemet i de ervervsmessige saltvannsfiskeriene 

    Arntzen, Svein Kristian (Book; Bok, 2023)
    Boken gir kunnskap om kvotesystemet på et bredere grunnlag enn ved en fremstilling av gjeldende fiskerilover og forskrifter. Dette gjelder fremveksten av sentrale elementer og ordninger, opptakten til utformingen av det nye kvotesystemet, rettsspørsmål om lukking av fiskerier, legitimitetsspørsmål, og Stortingets kontroll med fiskerimyndighetenes forskrifter.
  • Forvaltningen av Fiskevernsonen ved Svalbard - Er dagens regulering egnet til å møte fremtidens utfordringer? 

    Lakseide, Jenny (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2023-05-03)
    Analyse av forvaltningen av marine ressurser i vannsøylen i Fiskevernsonen
  • Legal and regulatory barriers to the development of offshore wind farms. A comparison between Norway and Belgium 

    Théry, Amelie (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2022-05-30)
    The purpose of this thesis is to present an insight in Norway’s and Belgium’s (renewable) energy policy choices through the evaluation of their development of offshore wind farms. This discussion will look how these two differing states are trying to meet the renewable energy targets at national and EU-level through the development of offshore wind farms, how they have made offshore wind power policy ...
  • Climate Change Litigation Before the European Court of Human Rights: What Hurdles and Legal Avenues? 

    Simon, Berthille (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2022-05-28)
    This thesis aims at exploring in details the four climate cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in light of the Court’s precedent environmental case law. As those four cases are the first one of this type, many legal questions arise. More specifically, the thesis will first explore the way these climate-based lawsuits compare with case law developed by the Court on the ...
  • The implementation of the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries man agement in the Common Fisheries Policy 

    Vogl, Veith (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2022-05-22)
    This thesis entails a legal comparions regaring the implementation of the ecosystem-based approach in fisheries management between the EU and Norway. The CFP and MRA are going to be compared in order to find solutions to overcome the failures of the EU implementation.
  • The Impact of WTO Subsidy Law on Renewable Energy Transitions: Analysing the Extent to Which WTO Subsidy Disciplines Pose an Obstacle to the Use of Green Subsidies and Support Schemes in Sweden and Finland 

    Tretow Busellato, Emilie (Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, 2022-05-19)
    Through the use of Sweden and Finland as case studies, this thesis project explores the use of support schemes to meet climate ambitions and facilitate green transitions. This author analyses these Nordic support schemes against the WTO subsidy disciplines and assesses their compatibility with this international framework, examining areas of friction where potential challenges or complaints could ...
  • Nature Protection, Indigenous Rights, and Climate Action 

    Enyew, Endalew Lijalem; Poto, Margherita Paola (Chapter; Bokkapittel, 2021)
    Climate change is affecting indigenous peoples and their rights. However, indigenous peoples themselves are at the forefront of climate action, having protected nature for millennia, and now becoming increasingly aware of the active role they can play in the formulating and implementing processes of the international legal climate-change agenda.2 <p> <p>This chapter explores to what extent existing ...
  • Retten til et godt psykososialt miljø på skolen 

    Ropjukwat, Tom (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2023-06-21)
    Temaet for denne masteravhandlingen er det psykososiale miljøet på skolen. Avhandlingen tar sikte på å redegjøre for rettighetene til elever og ansatte, skolens plikter og reglene om håndheving, samt vurdere om lov- og regelverket er godt nok. Har elever og ansatte i realiteten et godt psykososialt miljø på skolen?
  • The Role of Climate Litigation in the Development of a Mandatory Climate Due Diligence for energy companies. 

    Velasco Barraza, María Fernanda (Mastergradsoppgave; Master thesis, 2023-05-31)
    Climate change is a global phenomenon that affects every individual on our planet. Achieving the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement and mitigating the adverse effects within the planetary boundaries requires collective efforts. However, despite the urgent calls from the scientific community, many governments' NDCs are falling short. Consequently, a new approach is necessary. Energy companies, ...

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