Doctoral presentations of current interest, where the thesis is available in Munin:

17 Sep 2021: Jon-Håkon Schultz

Dealing with fear: Managing life-threatening events in different cultural contexts. An empirical study with case design using qualitative interviews and participant observation

17 Sep 2021: Naima El Bani Altuna

Millennial-scale variability of Atlantic water inflow in the northern Nordic Seas and the northwestern Barents Sea - Relationship to abrupt climate oscillations, cryosphere and methane seepage from the seafloor

17 Sep 2021: Kirsten Maria Jansen

Modulation of Cardiometabolic Health by Dietary Supplementation with Calanus oil

20 Sep 2021: Sigridur Mjoll Björnsdottir

Discovering gender and inflection. A view from Icelandic

21 Sep 2021: Trine Lise Andersen

Prestasjonskultur - «There ain't no cure». En studie av lederstilen til en landslagstrener i fotball

24 Sep 2021: Dávid Juhász

Nonlinear optics

30 Sep 2021: Andreas Kvammen

Auroral Image Processing Techniques - Machine Learning Classification and Multi-Viewpoint Analysis

01 Oct 2021: Hege Nermo

Dental anxiety in adolescents and adults. Epidemiological studies based on the Tromsø Study 7 and Fit Futures 1 & 2

08 Oct 2021: Johannes Sæleset

Teaching science with students in mind

13 Oct 2021: Vilde Lehne Michalsen

Metabolic syndrome, obesity and ethnicity—The SAMINOR Study

22 Oct 2021: Christian Børde Arkteg

When is remission remission? Elucidating the remission state in Ulcerative Colitis: a multimodal exploration

22 Oct 2021: Daria Popova

Advanced methods in reproductive medicine: Application of optical nanoscopy, artificial intelligence-assisted quantitative phase microscopy and mitochondrial DNA copy numbers to assess human sperm cells

12 Nov 2021: Bodil S. Olsvik

Skjønn i ledelse av kommunalt barnevern. Kompleksitet, motstridende krav og paradoksale spenninger

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