Aktuelle disputaser der avhandlingen er tilgjengelig i Munin:

27 nov 2020: Trond Isaksen

Dietary intake of marine polyunsaturated fatty acids and incidence, recurrence and mortality related to venous thromboembolism

03 des 2020: Evelyn Eriksen

Prinsippet om barn(et)s beste i barnehage(kon)tekster

03 des 2020: Inga Marie Osestad Skavhaug

Mangfoldige verneområder. Å utforske forståelser av vernet natur og landskap i Nord-Troms

03 des 2020: Evert Mul

Human impact on highly mobile cetaceans: the use of biotelemetry data to inform ocean management

04 des 2020: Rezgar Zaki

Performance Measurement System in complex environment: observed and unobserved risk factors

04 des 2020: Trine Kvitberg

Arctic food biographies. An ethnographic study of food and health in everyday life of elderly Arctic women

04 des 2020: Daniel Brunner

An applied investigation of viscosity–density fluid sensors based on torsional resonators

07 des 2020: Kerstin Reibold

Indigenous rights, supersession, and moral status equality

10 des 2020: Joakim Aalmen Markussen

Krigshistoriens livsløp: Samspillet, konkurransene og kampene om iscenesettelsen av Nord-Norges krigshistorie

11 des 2020: Tinatin Manjavidze

Perinatal mortality and its association with antenatal care utilization in the Republic of Georgia

11 des 2020: Sigurd Løkse

Leveraging Kernels for Unsupervised Learning

14 des 2020: Johan Birkelund

Honesty in economic experiments

17 des 2020: Jon Petter Anders Stoor

Suicide among Sámi – Cultural meanings of suicide and interventions for suicide prevention in Nordic parts of Sápmi

18 des 2020: Martin Kragnes Bystad

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation as a memory enhancer in healthy participants and patients with Alzheimer`s disease

18 des 2020: Sidsel Boldermo

Education for Social Sustainability. Meaning Making of Belonging in Diverse Early Childhood Settings

  • Relationship between microstructures and resistance in mafic assemblages that deform and transform 

    Mansard, Nicolas; Stunitz, Holger; Raimbourg, Hugues; Précigout, Jacques; Plunder, Alexis; Nègre, Lucille (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-11-18)
    Syn-kinematic mineral reactions play an important role for the mechanical properties of polymineralic rocks. Mineral reactions (i.e., nucleation of new phases) may lead to grain size reduction, producing fine-grained polymineralic mixtures, which have a strongly reduced viscosity because of the activation of grain-size-sensitive deformation processes. In order to study the effect of deformation–reaction ...
  • A risk assessment of the effects of mercury on Baltic Sea, Greater North Sea and North Atlantic wildlife, fish and bivalves 

    Dietz, Rune; Fort, Jérôme; Sonne, Christian; Albert, Céline; Bustnes, Jan Ove; Christensen, Thomas Kjær; Ciesielski, Tomasz Maciej; Danielsen, Jóhannis; Dastnai, Sam; Eens, Marcel; Erikstad, Kjell E; Galatius, Anders; Garbus, Svend-Erik; Gilg, Oliver; Hanssen, Sveinn Are; Helander, Björn; Helberg, Morten; Jaspers, Veerle; Jenssen, Bjørn Munro; Jónsson, Jón Einar; Kauhala, Kaarina; Kolbeinsson, Yann; Kyhn, Line A.; Labansen, Aili Lage; Larsen, Martin M.; Lindstrøm, Ulf; Reiertsen, Tone Kristin; Rigét, Frank F.; Roos, Anna; Strand, Jakob; Strøm, Hallvard; Søndergaard, Jens; Sun, Jiachen; Teilmann, Jonas; Therkildsen, Ole Roland; Thórarinsson, Thorkell Lindberg; Tjørnløv, Rune Skjold; Wilson, Simon; Eulaers, Igor (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-11-24)
    A wide range of species, including marine mammals, seabirds, birds of prey, fish and bivalves, were investigated for potential population health risks resulting from contemporary (post 2000) mercury (Hg) exposure, using novel risk thresholds based on literature and de novo contamination data. The main geographic focus is on the Baltic Sea, while data from the same species in adjacent waters, such ...
  • Land, History and People: Older people’s Stories about Meaningful Activities and Social Relations in Later Life 

    Eggebø, Helga; Munkejord, Mai Camilla; Schönfelder, Walter (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2019-11-05)
    Social and humanistic gerontology have challenged the narratives of pessimism and decline embedded in bio-medical models of aging and care. One stream of criticism comes from literature about active ageing, and another from literature on person-centred care. A common concern is how to promote well-being during old age. This study explores the possibilities of promoting well-being and person-centred ...
  • A prospective observational study of why people are medically evacuated from offshore installations in the North Sea 

    Waje-Andreassen, Anne; Østerås, Øyvind; Brattebø, Guttorm (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    <i>Objectives</i> - Few studies have described evacuations due to medical emergencies from the offshore installations in the North Sea, though efficient medical service is essential for the industrial activities in this area. The major oil- and gas-producing companies’ search and rescue (SAR) service is responsible for medical evacuations. Using a prospective approach, we describe the characteristics ...
  • High space-bandwidth in quantitative phase imaging using partially spatially coherent digital holographic microscopy and a deep neural network 

    Butola, Ankit; Kanade, Sheetal Raosaheb; Bhatt, Sunil; Dubey, Vishesh Kumar; Kumar, Anand; Ahmad, Azeem; Prasad, Dilip K.; Senthilkumaran, Paramasivam; Ahluwalia, Balpreet Singh; Mehta, Dalip Singh (Journal article; Tidsskriftartikkel; Peer reviewed, 2020-11-16)
    Quantitative phase microscopy (QPM) is a label-free technique that enables monitoring of morphological changes at the subcellular level. The performance of the QPM system in terms of spatial sensitivity and resolution depends on the coherence properties of the light source and the numerical aperture (NA) of objective lenses. Here, we propose high space-bandwidth quantitative phase imaging using ...

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